Natural Training for your team


Sales Training

We develop your natural selling instincts to be clear, memorable and confident. Maximise your natural style to full sales advantage. To sell is human – to sell naturally is sublime.

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Telesales Training

Scripts are a thing of the past. Train your people to utilise their natural human style to get through gatekeepers, develop rapport, and ask questions that sell.

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Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training

Be clear, be memorable – and be yourself. Look the audience in the eye, with a minimum use of notes, and move them to take action. Increase your pitch wins.

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Negotiation Training

The natural negotiator is confident in their own skin, putting in place simple strategies that develop strong collaborative relationships. Buy lower, sell higher – naturally.

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Leadership training

Leadership Training

Become a unique and effective leader by doing nothing more than understanding your own natural style. We start with you – not a rule book.

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Natural Learning Solutions

Give us any people development challenge and we will put our smartest minds on it. Award-winning training, learning and development solutions from Natural.

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Management Skills

Management Training

We maximise your natural human potential to inspire others to high performance. Over 1000 Managers rate us as their finest training experience.

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Our most experienced senior coaches will work closely with you to draw out your natural strengths and make the most of your talent. We develop your instincts.

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Customer Service Training

Increase customer satisfaction by helping your people to be warm, human and make real connections with customers. Our customer service training is different. Find out why.

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Word on the street

We got together with Natural and something great happened! It was an excellent style for getting the best out of the team. Natural is a ‘must do’ for any large resort!

Sharon Buriss, Gleneagles Hotel


Incredibly insightful and definitely worth the time. It was a great mix of theory and practice and personalised to everyone involved.

Craig Rotherforth, TGI Fridays


Absolutely brilliant, the best workshop I had for all the experience in the industry (17 years). You are a fantastic team and very dynamic.

Regine Perron, Clarins


I had hoped to take away a logical, structured toolkit that I could adapt to my own style, and that’s exactly what I have. This is essential for anyone who has a drive to secure business growth. Thank you for an extremely worthwhile two days

Paul Osborn, Babcock


Confidence boosting and gave me an objective view of my sales techniques. This is highly valuable to harness one’s natural potential. It really built on my personal style and strengths and made me feel ‘yes, I can do this!’. Thank you for sharing valuable knowledge and encouraging my natural potential and most importantly forcing me to recognise my blocks

Charlotte De Maria, ITN Productions


Enjoyed the workshop because it made me look at daily working life in a different light. It was insightful, gives you a different perspective on sales

Kate Walne, Bidvest Fresh


Keep it real - get results

Sales Training | Negotiation Skills | Presentation Skills

Since 2005 Natural Training has trained winning teams and individuals from over 1600 companies with our unique approach to sales training, presentation skills training and negotiation training.

We recognise and understand the power of the instinctive brilliance of individuals within your team, and combine that with unique, powerful tools that change behaviour and drive new revenue through your door.

Our trainers will make real connections with your group without wheeling out the same old training slides from 1985. Contact us today to find out how we would approach your unique training challenge!

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