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How to Sell Apples to Prisoners

Supplying fresh food to prisons seems pretty simple. Make sure it’s fresh, and delivered on time, and we’re golden, right? Wrong. You see, prisoners have a bit of time on their hands, and as such are prone to riot over what seems like a trivial matter. Such as the size of apples.

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Practice Makes Perfect – Always!

 I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times.” -Bruce Lee We came across this video last week and it really resonated with us at Natural Training. For all of our clients, it’s always about the small things that make a…

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Value Selling Questions

Value Selling Questions From our Natural Value Series PART 1: You Don’t Know Everything PART 2: 5 Ways To Change Your Client’s World PART 3: Are You All Talk And No Trousers? PART 4:How To Prove Your’s Is The Best Service Value selling is an important sales technique that relies on showcasing and building on the core value…


How To Prove Yours Is The Best Service

Value is in the mind of the customer, an intangible concept that only exists in their thoughts. It can be low price or high quality or any number of things that helps a customer achieve their goals. If customers don’t perceive the value they are getting from your company is what they expect then they will take their wallets elsewhere.

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How is Apple Selling the Apple Watch?

Insights into Apple’s sales techniques Apple is making a radical switch in the way they’re going to sell the new Apple Watch: enter in the era of the Fashionista at Apple. That’s right. Apple employees will be trained on giving fashion and style advice to customers to help them choose the right Apple Watch to purchase….

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Why Attend Presentation Skills Training?

Whether you like it or not, presentations are a big part of professional life. You’ve probably been to hundreds, many of them dull, but occasionally you’ll attend a presentation where the speaker really makes an impression, inspiring you to take a certain course of action. Don’t you wish you could have that effect? Unfortunately, most people…

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You Don’t Have to Crack the Enigma Code to Sell More in the Tech Channel

The Tech sector is one of the most exciting, vibrant and dynamic marketplaces with products and services that are constantly being improved and upgraded.  Staying on top of what’s going on and of how your prospects can benefit from the latest innovations is a huge challenge.  It involves deciphering reams of technical jargon and product…

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Are You All Talk And No Trousers?

Convincing your prospects of the value of your products is one thing, now you have got to deliver. Delivering value is about being authentic and 100% true to the value you have identified and created.


5 Ways To Change Your Client’s World

In the first article of this series we looked at how best to go about identifying what your prospects value. As your relationship with them deepens and your understanding of their situation improves, the next step is to create the value. This involves specifying how your products and services are the solutions they need. However, this is one of the biggest challenges salespeople face.

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You Don’t Know Everything

To identify what is of value to customers is to understand the problems and difficulties they face and what they view as important and unimportant. Unless you understand what a customer values, you don’t have a realistic hope of adding value. It is about knowing the personal needs of your prospects, their hopes and aspirations as well as real insights into their industry and what they are up against.

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7 Best Practices of Natural Presentations

Presentations are a growing part of everyone’s responsibilities today in the professional sphere, and you’ve no doubt been asked to give your share. For some, part of their natural make-up is to stand in front of a crowd, relaxed and confident, presenting interesting information that holds an audience enrapt. For the rest of us, it’s…

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Become a Value Selling Machine

When you are talking to prospects, are you selling them products or are you selling them the value of those products? In other words, are you highlighting how those products will boost their business and bottom line? When you create value in your proposition, prospects should be able to see it answering their needs like nothing else around.

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I JUST Want to Know the Price …

In a perfect world, we sell our products and services on the value our prospects and customers will receive from them. But every now and then, we come up against a prospect so focused on the price that they don’t hear all of the great benefits they’ll get with our product.