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I’m Smart, But I Don’t Get It!

Have you ever been in a meeting or training class where you’re trying to learn a new concept or an advanced technique, and you just feel lost? You don’t want to look as incompetent as you feel by asking questions when other people around you seem to understand what’s going on. But it sounds like…

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A Lesson From Darwin – How to Adapt

Charles Darwin succinctly summarised his theory on adaptation:             “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”   And it’s the same in the sales arena. It’s not the most talented, most articulate salesperson that sells the…

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Why Brands With A Purpose Do Better And Matter More

Here below is an excerpt from a great book I am reading at the moment:  Do Purpose – Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more by David Hieatt “An experiment in the 1940’s measured men loading pig iron onto train freight cars at The Bethlehem Steel Company. Each man didn’t stop until they managed…

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Change Your Mindset – Make More Money

An innovative businessman and mastermind salesman once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford was a natural at thinking in the realm of what might possible, looking at problems beyond the scope of what’s currently being done. Ford also said at one point, “If I had asked…

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You Can Sell Stuff, You Just Don’t Know it!

The BBC recently reported that Jordan Casey from Ireland developed and sold an iPhone game to Apple a few years ago called “Alien Ball,” which in and of itself is not that spectacular. At least, not until you find out that Casey was 12 years old when he sold his game to Apple. I mention…

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Students To Learn Science Of Selling

We came across this article in the Sunday Times yesterday and got very excited! We are hearing more and more about universities teaching the art of selling. Finally. Not only is sales being taught, but students can also now graduate with a sales element in the title of their degree. Full Article: Students to learn…

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Finding Your Natural Communication Style

Do you know what your natural communication style is?  This is the natural or default way you talk and share information with others. We all have a natural way of communicating based on our personality and temperament.  You may not have previously considered your natural communication style, but doing so can help you better manage…

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Give a Little Attitude to Your Prospects

How do you stand out in a crowd of salespersons who are all clamoring for your customers’ and prospects’ attention and money? By your attitude, of course. Which reminds me of a story. There’s a little boutique shop that I walk by on my way home from work every night. One evening, I noticed this…

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Build On Your Natural Leadership Style

How well do you really know yourself and your leadership style? Are you a coercive, authoritative, nurturing, visionary, transformational or other type of leader? Whatever your leadership style, it is uniquely yours and drawn from your values, beliefs, personality and intrinsic qualities. This article isn’t about nature or nurture, whether leaders are born or made. …

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Top New Year’s Resolutions You Must Make for 2015

It’s that time of year to be thinking about what you’re going to change for the upcoming New Year. We know the standard self-improvement resolutions: lose weight or at least eat healthier, exercise more, spend more time with family and friends, travel a bit. The bad news about these types of New Year’s resolutions, though,…

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Why Your Client Didn’t Call You Back

Ok – so you’ve had the first call and you’re pretty certain it all went well – the client responded well and promised they’d get back to you… and you waited, and waited, and then waited some more… and like a love-struck teenager pontificated over whether they’d lost your number, met someone else or suffered…

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The Fear of Asking

Well-trained sales people know that “asking questions, rather than telling” is critical to their professional success