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Value Selling Fixes Everything

Value selling is the most important part of selling.  It’s all about de-emphasising price as the dominant force in the sale, and teaching customers that in your case, it’s worth paying more for your premium product. As a Sales Professional, your greatest role, in fact your only role, is to add value.  If you don’t,…

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Innovate or Kiss Your Business Goodbye

The status quo can be a very comfortable place to be.  Doing what you’ve always done feels safe and secure.  You can coast along quite nicely thank you very much with a steady hand on the tiller.  But be careful, the status quo can also be a dangerous place.  You may not want to change,…

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5 Tricks to Building a Positive Team

There’s something thoroughly engaging about being part of a group that collaborates and enhances each other’s natural talents. Together, you can come up with some incredible ideas, and you’ll probably turn out your best work with them. If you ever had the pleasure of being part of a positive, highly motivated team of colleagues, you…

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The Easiest Negotiation Ever

You negotiate all the time in every day situations. When your kid asks for an ice cream cone before dinner, you negotiate a better deal. You say, “Dinner’s coming up soon. How about an ice cream cone after you eat?” Something you might not realise is that you are a natural born negotiator with your…

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Top Strategies for the Time-Pressed Salesperson

The pressure is on, the boss is breathing down your neck and the deadline to hit your monthly target is fast approaching. If only there were more hours in the day to get things done!

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The Essential Ingredients of a Successful Sales Plan

“People often complain about lack of time when the lack of direction is the real problem” – Zig Ziglar Do you have a formal sales plan for yourself or your sales team? Or do you have a bunch of sticky notes stuck on the wall or some scribbles on a white board in the hope…

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Why Games Can Sharpen Your Team’s Sales Skills

We are all looking for ways to sharpen our focus, improve our skills and stay on top of our game. Books, training and presentations are all highly valuable and instructive, helping salespeople to brush up on their abilities, tap into their natural brilliance and keep up to date with current trends and philosophies. Games are a valuable addition to this complement of learning tools because they can engage salespeople in creative ways.


Natural Training is a Finalist in ‘The Customer Service Awards 2015′

We are delighted to be named finalist in the Customer Service Training Awards 2015, in the Customer Service Training Programme of the Year category, with The Mall (Capital & Regional). The Award is for our Customer Experience programmes I & II – view case study here Natural Training worked with The Mall on the these ground-breaking programmes with…

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New Ways of Talking to Clients that will Make an Impact

We all want our clients to be engaged and fully present in the conversations we have with them, not bored or thinking up excuses to cut the meeting short. You already know that you must listen actively and not be in broadcast mode all the time, but there are other ways you can make an impact when talking to clients.

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The Top 3 Qualities of an Effective Sales Manager

Sales Managers need quite a few more skills than just being able to manage numbers and create spreadsheets to track those numbers. You must know what to manage beyond the numbers, and you certainly can’t improve your numbers by spending hours shifting data in the cells of a spreadsheet. Gallup research shows that having the…

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Where Did You Get Your Management Style?

The big question has always been “are great managers born that way or is it something they’ve learned?” And there are just about as many opinions on this as there are individuals willing to pose them. An academic report issued by the University College London in 2013 found that “leadership is partly hereditary.” A study…

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Salespeople, You Need to Shut Up!

It cannot be said often enough, and Stephen J. Meyer recently said it very well with an insightful article in Forbes magazine. And that is that basically, salespeople should shut up and listen to clients. Otherwise, how do you have a decent chance of getting the information you need to service them? Anyone who’s ever had sales…

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Why You SHOULD Hire Grads for a Sales Role

In the previous article, we outlined a list of reasons of why you shouldn’t employ a fresh out of university graduate student in a sales role.  I am now going to do what appears to be a complete 360-flip and tell you why you should consider hiring graduates and how you can turn them into…