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Where Did You Get Your Management Style?

The big question has always been “are great managers born that way or is it something they’ve learned?” And there are just about as many opinions on this as there are individuals willing to pose them. An academic report issued by the University College London in 2013 found that “leadership is partly hereditary.” A study…

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The Top 3 Qualities of an Effective Sales Manager

Sales Managers need quite a few more skills than just being able to manage numbers and create spreadsheets to track those numbers. You must know what to manage beyond the numbers, and you certainly can’t improve your numbers by spending hours shifting data in the cells of a spreadsheet. Gallup research shows that having the…

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Salespeople, You Need to Shut Up!

It cannot be said often enough, and Stephen J. Meyer recently said it very well with an insightful article in Forbes magazine. And that is that basically, salespeople should shut up and listen to clients. Otherwise, how do you have a decent chance of getting the information you need to service them? Anyone who’s ever had sales…

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Why You SHOULD Hire Grads for a Sales Role

In the previous article, we outlined a list of reasons of why you shouldn’t employ a fresh out of university graduate student in a sales role.  I am now going to do what appears to be a complete 360-flip and tell you why you should consider hiring graduates and how you can turn them into…

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Why You Should Never Hire Grads for a Sales Role

Every year, hundreds of thousands of shiny new graduates come spilling out of our universities and other institutes of higher education clutching their brand spanking new degrees.  Wide-eyed and hopeful, these bright young things thrust themselves into the job market, with some pinning their hopes on a sales position. You may think they’re as sharp…

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Powerful Positive Thinking Techniques for Salespeople

Obstacles, failures and disappointments are part and parcel of sales, and how you deal with them has a direct impact on your levels of success. So, here are a few tips to help you cultivate a positive attitude…

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The Clangers That Will Kill Your Sales Meeting

Relationships are one of the vital keys to sales success, and first impressions count. Therefore, when you have managed to secure a face-to-face meeting with a client, don’t throw all your hard work out the window by making these classic clangers…

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Sales Techniques: Take Advantage of These Sales Secrets

Often Underutilised Sales Techniques Making your pitch and your product stand out from the crowd can prove to be a challenge, particularly in today’s competitive marketplaces. Sales meetings are not always something to look forward to, but you can make them a lot more successful and less stressful by preparing. Here we’ve put together some…

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The Best Of Friends: Office Environment & Sales

Did you ever stop to think that your work environment could be costing you sales? A recent study instigated by Steelcase and conducted by the global research firm IPSOS found that almost 90% of workers polled were unhappy with their work environment, adversely affecting their engagement. In fact, Gallup recently reported on the State of…

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Just Do SOMETHING to Make It Happen

Hi, my name is Pete and I am a Procrastinator. I have had this condition for as long as I can remember and I have good days and I have bad days.   There, it’s out in the open, I said it…feels good! This blog is being written on a Sunday evening and I have forced…


The Greatest Threat In Sales Today – And It’s Not What You Think

What do you think is the greatest threat in sales today? What is the one factor above all others that can scupper deals and hit your bottom line where it hurts the most? Is it poorly performing sales people? What about not being well enough prepared to close a deal with a client? Nope, it’s none of these. Sure, they can all give your turnover a big kick in the unmentionables, but they are not your biggest danger.

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Never, ever stop calling or emailing

We’re in sales, and we sometimes get a bit down if we don’t get the response we are after. Try not to measure the success of email by the response rate, or calls by the return rate. It’s in their inbox, or voicemail.  It’s read, it’s listened to, people get it, and appreciate it if…

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The 3 Presentation Skills Every Salesperson Needs to Master

There will always be a need to present, either professionally or personally in life, and being able to deliver a compelling message is key to reaching or exceeding your goals — whether that’s trying to talk your significant other into going to Fiji on holiday, talking your way into a promotion at work, or influencing…