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8 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Invitations Memorable

Be different with your invitation. Be creative with your first approach.   I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn:  BORING! The standard approach to new contacts on LinkedIn is a bit like a shop assistant asking “Can I help you?”  It’s dull, default language that shows a lack of personalised care….

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Telesales Done the Right Way

New Legislation on Cold Calls Unveiled by Government The BBC reported yesterday that the government is taking a stronger stance on nuisance calls and texts from telesales companies. Full article here Under the current regulations, companies can only be fined if their calls and messages are proven to cause “substantial damage or substantial distress” to…

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The Most Effective Way To Present Boring Information

“Successful presentations are understandable, memorable, and emotional.” – Carmine Gallo, International Communications Coach, in Forbes Magazine Engaging Presentation Skills We all know the basics of a good presentation: keep it short and simple, let your passion for your product or service shine through, and engage your audience right from the beginning. But what about when you…

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Telesales Techniques That Bring Success

Are you sick of the same old telesales techniques: worn out old scripts, preaching the same tired old message to uninterested prospects; bored staff, robotically going through the motions, trying desperately to meet their targets; opportunities slipping through your fingers which your competitors are ready to pounce on?

That’s not how it should be.

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How To Prepare For Your Best Meeting Ever

Any meeting should be a big deal add you should treat every meeting like it’s going to be the BEST meeting you have ever had. Here are some tips on how to prepare and deliver a mind blowing meeting.


Words That Will Galvanise Your Sales Pitch (And Words That Won’t!)

So, you have a killer product and have researched your prospect thoroughly.  You’re scrubbed up and looking your best and your breath is minty fresh.  You are ready to deliver your sales pitch and know not to give a monologue.  You will stand back when appropriate and listen to the other party when they’re talking. …

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Getting the Lion’s Share of Market Share

Market share is how much of a finite market your company sells to, which is good to know, but what do you do with that information? In this article, we show you how get your foot in the door and increase your company’s market share.

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LinkedIn is a MASSIVE room filled with people

If you are selling – yourself or your company – LinkedIn is crucial to your success these days. It gives you access to an unlimited number of people who will want to buy from you! Think of LinkedIn as a massive room filled with lots of people who you know through other people… Most of…

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The Wrong Way to Get Your Message Out…

Were you ever told that you have the “gift for gab” or are a natural-born talker? If you believe them, then you might be going about your pitch the wrong way in today’s consumer-driven sales environment. The following article includes tips are designed to help you overcome these pitch fails and succeed in modern day sales.


How to Make Your Pitch Not Feel Like a Pitch

You are in the business of selling and you want to sell stuff, lots of it, but how do you not sound like a salesperson? The trick is to make your sales pitch not feel like a sales pitch at all, and fortunately it is not rocket science.


Why a Business Proposal Is Like A Marriage Proposal

Marriage proposals are probably the biggest business pitch of our lives, something we prepare for more than anything else. We are never as nervous when trying to convince the other person to invest everything they have in us. In fact…there are some noteworthy similarities between marriage proposals and business pitches…

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It Must Be Love: The Emotional Business Pitch

A sales pitch isn’t about you. It is about generating sufficient interest that what you are offering fulfils your clients’ needs. Essentially you are asking people to change, and that begins with a decision.