Natural Negotiation Skills

Natural Negotiation Skills Training

A two-day end to end negotiation training workshop

You don’t get what you deserve – you get what you negotiate. If you need to negotiate with customers, suppliers and internal stakeholders then you may benefit from some sharpened skills of negotiation. If so, this is the workshop for you. Hundreds of our clients report back significant career benefits from completing this workshop. Enjoy buying lower, selling higher and not being pushed around by other people! 

“Great insight into negotiating, very applicable in the workplace” Claire Howard, SHL Group

“It was a great workshop which was increased tenfold by a great trainer” Gareth Evans, Ubisoft

 Top 10 Training Outcomes

  1. Gain insights into your dominant negotiation style and how you can use it to your advantage
  2. Determine the knowledge, skills and habits of today’s successful negotiator
  3. Experience a white-hot team based negotiation simulation with twists and turns
  4. Learn a simple negotiation planning sequence that moves you from preparation to close
  5. Develop insights into negotiation objectives, variables, trading terms and concessions
  6. Understand negotiation position versus interest and how to influence the other party’s position
  7. Discover a new found confidence to deal with tough negotiators and dirty tricks – and come out on top!
  8. Identify key negotiation signals that give you the information you need to negotiate successfully
  9. Uncover negotiation roadblocks and bottlenecks, and discover a winning formula for managing them
  10. Complete your personal action development plan to ensure successful negotiations in the future

This workshop will teach you all of the above and more. You will go back to your desk motivated to take on your next negotiation and get the results you deserve.

This Workshop Will Make You Money

Our Negotiation Skills Training is all about helping you to make, and save money. In today’s business economy this is the best money you will ever spend.

Why Natural Training?

1.  Our trainers are all successful business people who have presented in boardrooms across the UK and Europe.  They continue to present at a high standard and will show you all of the latest techinques and methods.
2.  Our training is engaging, insightful and interesting:  Our ShortBurst training system means that there is no period longer than 8 minutes before you are asked to apply the thinking or theory to your own world.
3. The NaturalStyle Promise – your style is the right style.  We simply give you fresh ideas and tools that work with your style.

What people say about this course

"Great insight into negotiating, very applicable in the workplace."

Claire Howard, SHL Group

"It was a great workshop which was increased tenfold by a great trainer."

Gareth Evans, Ubisoft

Course Overview

Developing the art of negotiation
2 days
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