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Whitepaper: Commercial Culture in 90 Days

A practical guide on how to create a phenomenal customer-focused commercial culture, where every member of your staff contributes to superlative customer experiences that will drive growth.


Whitepaper: The World’s Greatest Salesman

This is an article about the world’s greatest salesman, Ron Popeil. It is designed to help you by pointing out some of the time-honoured classic sales techniques that are still relevant today.

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eBook: 18 Top Tips For Trusted Advisors

‘The Trusted Advisor’ is a book that has helped thousands of people to establish credible commercial relationships with clients. It contains the type of practical advice designed to establish and maintain credibility and trust in working relationships.

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Whitepaper: Selling at Tradeshows

Here is a book that will help you to use stands to sell at exhibitions, trade shows and events, as well as ensuring you achieve more impact, more sales and more results from your stand!


eBook: Value Selling – Warren Buffet Style

If you’re in sales, then selling based on value isn’t a luxury, it’s survival. You must know what value your company offers and communicate this value to customers with polish and enthusiasm.


eBook: DIY Natural Training

This is the first in a series from Natural Training in which we give you some of our winning training ideas.

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Whitepaper: Why Customers Buy From You and Why They Don’t

Here is a fantastic e-book that is designed to rescue you when you have been close to winning a deal, only to let it slip through your fingers! Or if you feel that you aren’t generating enough excitement that drives your customers to say “yes”