10 Brilliant Words your Salespeople Should be Using

Sales can be tricky. While it comes down to natural communication, not robotic sales scripts, there are some basic techniques that every sales representative can use to improve their performance and results.

Certain words, for example, can be highly effective, no matter what the context. Let’s look at the top words that you and your team should be using on sales calls as much as possible.

First of all, we need to empahsise that these words should be used naturally. Forcing the words or phrases into place makes you sound like a sales robot, and nobody wants to buy from a robot.

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1. Remember. Your customers are very busy people with a lot going on, so using the word “remember” can be an effective tool for jogging their memory or emphasising importance. Maybe you are reminding them to act, or maybe you are asking if they remember talking with you in the past. Try supercharging your communication with this natural hook.

2. Absolutely. Everyone wants assurances that things will go right. They want to work with competent, reliable people, and the word “absolutely” helps establish you, your team, and your product as a trustworthy choice. Just remember to follow through so your “absolutely” holds true.

3. How. When asking questions to your customers, “how” should be the foundation. “how do you deal with organising files?” or “How do you like your current insurance policy?”  When you start with “how”, you set yourself up to get the right information, allowing you to deliver a high-quality, personalised pitch.

4. Free. This is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? If your company has anything that can be added as a “free” benefit, make sure you throw that beautiful word into your sales call.

5. You. When using the word “you”, it demonstrates to customers that you honestly care about them. It personalises the call and goes a long way towards increasing your sales. Try popping “you” onto a post-it note next to your desk and see if you can integrate it a bit more into your conversations.

6. And. It seems like a pretty basic word, but you should make conscious effort to use “and” more often, whilst eliminating “but” from your vocabulary. “But” dismisses your customer’s ideas and concerns, while “and” addresses them and helps you work towards a solution.

7. Certainly. Similar to the word “absolutely”, “certainly” adds… well… certainty to your conversation. It subtly implies that you will follow through on promises and deliver the value that you are empahsising in the product. Speaking of value…

8. Value. While you’ll eventually need to talk prices, start by talking about the benefit of your product or service, and hammer this point home by literally using the word “value“. Talking about the value of a product (“the value of this is…”) tells a customer what they’ll get. Prices, on the other hand empahsise what they’ll lose.

9. Powerful. The word “powerful” can have a surprising advantage. Obviously you’ll want to go lightly on this one, but talking about “powerful solutions” and “powerful results” can help you cement the value of your product or service.

10. Thank you. Sounds like a basic principle, but the basics sell!. It shows you value your customer’s time, appreciate their business, and want to talk with them again. It leaves a good feeling with your customers and ends the call in a positive note. It’s such a wonderful, warm and human thing to say.

In business the words we use are so important – they are our natural, human weapons of commerce.

Challenge yourself by integrating the words above into your natural style and see the power that they create.

Time to take your sales team to the next level. Want to learn more about effective sales techniques? Check out our range of bespoke transformation programmes now.

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