The Value Of A Simple Sales Message

Sir Paul McCartney wants us to stop eating meat.


He can think of nothing better than human-kind switching to a diet of fruit and vegetables.  He’s really passionate about it.

He wants to scream out loud “Meat is murder – stop eating it instantly”.

But that’s not his message.  He knows that it isn’t going to happen overnight.  Or even in his lifetime.

So he has signed on to promote Meat Free Monday.

The message is simple – it needs no explanation.

More than this, Sir Paul reckons that is much more achievable, and will start getting us all into the behaviour that he craves.

The point is, often when we are presenting or selling we shoot for the big step, which may turn our audience against us because we ask people to do something very, very different to previous behaviour.

Audiences may go into shut-down – the opposite of what we want.

Small steps are a smart, strategic way to change behaviour.

When I train people to present and sell, I often ask “How far removed is your message from their current behaviour?”  In other words, how different are you asking them to be?

Give me a call if you would like me to discuss your critical messaging for your next presentation or sales pitch.

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