14 Questions for Understanding the Modern Day Buyer

Do you consistently try to ‘walk a mile in your customer’s shoes’?

In order to understand your customer you have to ask yourself a series of questions. Only then can you add value to them and sell effectively.

Take an example of a typical buyer or decision maker you deal with and answer the following questions:

1. What does an average day look like for them?

2. What are they saying, thinking or feeling?

3. What are their key objectives when buying?

4. What are their key business objectives and goals?

5. What challenges, issues or problems do they currently face?

6. What do they really want to achieve?

7. What changes have taken place within their industry, company or status that couldaffect their ability to make a decision to buy?

8. Are they under any time or budget pressures?

9. How do they measure success?

10. What will they need to achieve to see that buying your product or service has beena wise decision and is providing the ROI they wanted?

11. What are their greatest fears in making decisions?

12. What are the possible risks they could be concerned about?

13. What is their buying process?

14. Does your buyer have the autonomy to make a decision or do they have to involve others in the process. If yes, who do they involve?


Asking yourself these questions and then answering them will help you to ‘walk a mile in your customer’s shoes’ because you’ll truly understand their perspective.

You’ll also be far closer to understanding the Modern Buyer.

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