The 3 Irrefutable Winning Habits of Top Performers

I’ve been a sales trainer for Natural Training for over two years.  It’s a unique and privileged position because I get to see the best of the best.  Along the way I’ve jotted down what makes them great.  So here’s my list of the “3 Irrefutable Winning Habits of Top Sales Performers”.

1.  Top sales performers control the sale
2.  Top sales performers give open access to trainers and managers
3.  Top sales performers never stop learning


Habit #1:  Top sales performers control the sale

Most buyers like the sense of being in the hands of a trusted expert.  Great salespeople give them that sense.  They carefully explain to the prospect exactly where they are now, and where they are going.  They communicate to the prospect frequently, giving them reassurance.

They won’t bow and scrape to the prospect.  It’s the control I love:   great salespeople are in supreme control.  You can call them at 2am in the morning and say “What’s the latest with McQuigan and Partners?” and they will be able to tell you where they are, where they are taking them and the next 3 steps to get them there.


Habit #2:  Top sales performers give open access to trainers and managers

Average performers are guarded and get nervous about interactions from managers and trainers.  However all guards are down with top sales performers. They will invite you out to meetings to assess them.  They like calls being recorded.  They will be open to having their pipelines examined, and their relationships questioned.

Why?  Because they understand that by being questioned they might be able to get 1% better.  Being open and unguarded is usually one of the strongest ways I can smell out a peak performer.


Habit #3:  Top sales performers never stop learning

Top sales performers are like top athletes in that they are in a non-stop phase of education to fix problems and get better.  I once visited a doctor for my knee and he said that he liked treating athletes because they had a burning desire to get better, whereas office workers didn’t mind the idea of being off work for a while and weren’t in such a hurry.

Peak performers in every walk of life want to detect and fix a problem immediately.  We often see great salespeople the day or week after they lose a pitch because they demand training to make them better.

And like Roger Federer, apparently an absolute student of the game of tennis, even if they are doing well, it doesn’t stop them from wanting to take it to another level.  To sales performers want the edge!

We have a range of advanced sales training tools and ideas to help top sales performers reach another level of success.  Give me a call to discuss which ones might be right for you!

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