These 5 Communication Steps Are All You Need

Watching the run up to the recent general election, I was frustrated by the number of politicians I witnessed saying an awful lot, but telling me very little.

Is good communication really so hard?Communication - Mike's blog

From our earliest age we are taught how to communicate.  We learn fast and get really skilled in making ourselves understood.

So what happens?  We stop thinking about what we are trying to achieve. We become complacent, and in the commercial world there is no place for complacency.

Whether in sales or service, management or leadership we are judged by the quality of our communication.  We need to get it right. Period.

Here are five simple steps that will help you focus your communication and become more effective:

C – Content. Consider what you need to communicate, what is relevant detail and what may just be confusing  waffle.  The more focus the content has, the clearer the message.

O – Outcome. What are you hoping to achieve? What would be an appropriate outcome? Are you encouraging the correct response?

M – Message. What is the message you are sending? This should be informed by the content and the outcome, be unambiguous, clear and concise.

M – Methodology. Have you decide on the most appropriate way, or just the most efficient?

S – Send. Don’t ‘press send’ until you are sure.  This applies equally to both verbal as well as written communication.

Don’t leave it to chance. 5 steps to better communication. Simple.

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