5 Reasons that Sales Transformation Outshines Sales Training

So your sales team is not delivering the results you want. Maybe your first thought is to get them on a training programme. Give them a boost, get them to learn some new skills.

But before you make the important decision of where to invest your cash, ask yourself this:

Is it really sales training you are after? Or are you looking for something that gives you real, long term results?

If it’s results you want, then here are 5 reasons that sales transformation outshines sales training every time:

1. One-off session vs Sustained, long-term learning

Fitness Woman Working Out On Core Muscles

 Sales training is like trying for a 6 pack body.

You know you want it. So you go to the gym, do 50 sit ups and walk away feeling pretty proud of yourself. That was a good training session.

But does it last? Does it become habit? Do you get the result you wanted?

It’s the same with learning.

Just like the dreams of a 6 pack, one off sales training sessions often fail because the initial motivation filters away once you leave the classroom.

Sales transformation happens when you have sustained learning. When you practice that habit every day, in new and exciting ways. When you have the support, motivation and guidance to help you until it becomes a natural and enjoyable part of your routine.

That’s when you see real results.

2. Off the shelf vs Tailored content and delivery

Office interior

I’d now like you to imagine you had to design a new office for your staff.

You need it to align perfectly for your company. Exact measurements are taken. Much thought is put into the design. You want it to motivate your team, to make them more productive. You need it to fit with your company image, culture and individual team members needs.

If you don’t do this you have an office that doesn’t fit, an unhappy team and a load of money down the drain.

Many sales managers make the mistake of ordering “off the shelf sales training” and are disappointed when it just doesn’t give them the results they want.

One size does not fit all.

Creating sales transformation is an art of design. It is not cut and paste.

Sales transformation happens when as much attention and care is paid to the research, design, culture and objectives of the company as to the actual training itself. It is through expert listening, understanding and tailored design that true results are forged.

3. Theory vs. Real life application

Multiethnic businesspeople sleeping during a seminar in conferen

We have all sat in training sessions before where “the expert” anecdotally talks for hours about how to do things differently.

Theory is often all that comes out of training sessions. You leave tired, with a cluttered mind, and a manual that promptly gets filed in the nearest bin.

Sales transformation happens when you learn simple, relevant and memorable nuggets of information, and apply them to real life.

And we are not talking about cheesy 1990s role-plays here. We are talking about short, fresh bursts of interactivity that allow you to experience learning and use it in a way that feels exciting and engaging.

This is your chance to be creative, get on your feet, add energy and games to learning, have fun and then solidify it all into a solid, real-life, long-term action plan.

4. One learning style vs Your learning style

Adult Ed - Paper Airplane

Death by PowerPoint, lengthy workbooks and rigid, inflexible courses make up many of the sales training courses available in the current market. And the risk; because they are tailored to just one learning style, many people walk away from them remembering less than 5% of the content.

When training taps into each participant’s natural style, however, this is where real transformation happens.

Great sales trainers find out not just the gaps, but also where each individual is naturally strong. They let this shine out and help each person to sell as their true authentic self. Once selling integrates with their natural style, it is better embedded; so selling becomes easy, memorable and natural.

5. A cost to the business vs An Investment in people


Finally, the difference between sales training and sales transformation is about perception. Do you see it as a cost to the business or an investment in your people?

Your staff retention strategy should have training at its core.

Sales training often shows a short-term spike in results, so is often perceived as a cost. Whereas longer-term transformation programmes often result in increasing profits, better motivated staff and ultimately a greater return on your investment.

Think before you spend

So in summary, before you put your hand in your pocket to pay out for sales training consider a sales transformation programme instead. Sustained learning, tailored material and fresh, impactful sessions; all the time tapping into your team’s natural authentic style.

It may just be the solution you are looking for.

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