The 5 Secrets Of Business – You MUST Read This!

Now for something interesting.

From the Sunday Times on the 30th of Jan:

Every business is a collection of five processes:

1. Value creation: discovering what people need or want, and then creating it;

2. Marketing: getting attention and building demand for what you make;

3. Sales: turning prospective customers into paying customers;

4. Value delivery: giving your customers what you have promised;

5. Finance: bringing in enough money to make your effort worthwhile.

If these five things sound simple, it’s because they are.

Business is not, and has never been, rocket science.

Anyone who tries to make business sound more complicated that this is either trying to impress you or trying to sell you something that you don’t need.

I loved this. No, it didn’t tell me anything new.

But it crystallized almost everything I know about business and put it into a simple list.

I wanted to buy this guy’s book immediately (The Personal MBA if you’re interested).

You’re brilliant. Tell me more. Solve more of my problems!

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