The 6 Benefits Of Asking Questions

All sales people are aware of the importance of asking questions. If if any doubt, here below are the 6 benefits:


1. Gives you unique insight that your competitors won’t have.

2. Smart questions = you must be smart to ask them.

3. Shows an interest – Dale Carnegie said that asking questions was the secret to winning friends and influencing people.

4. Gives you angles to sell.

5. Speeds up the sales cycle because there will be fewer surprises later on.

6. It’s engaging, 2 way, more interesting, they will be more alert, more ready to buy….)


Remind yourself of these 6 benefits every day, as it will really open your mind up when asking the questions.

We all know what we should be doing, but knowing why we should be doing it is the key to success!


Do you have any other benefits you think we should include in the above?

Let us know!

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