The “6Cs” of Fluent Sales Meetings

Sales meetings have changed dramatically, from the past where sales reps showed a PPT,  to engaging, collaborative and insightful moments with clients.
I just did a Webinar on it to show you some of the key ideas behind great sales meetings.  You can access a FREE  recording here.

The key theme is “fluency” – being well structured, organised and seamless, between different parts of the meeting.  Just like an impressive native language speaker segue-ways from one language to another, so should you as you conduct a great sales meeting.
As part of it I included the “6Cs of Fluent Sales Meetings”, which include:
  1. Connect – with the right people (get into their world)
  2. Create – a great meeting (agenda, set up is critical)
  3. Consult – questions that make them visibly shift, and think, and admire your research
  4. Change – their world, their minds, their perspective
  5. Collaborate – show them what it’s like to work together
  6. Commit – a high probability sale has actions from BOTH sides


I hope you enjoy the Webinar!  If you would like any of the resources outlined in it, such as the meeting planner or slide deck, please email us at requesting what you are requiring, and we will be happy to help!

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