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Natural is more than a brand, it’s a culture and a way of developing salespeople to be at their best.  Here’s how we are different.

1.  22-1 Return on Investment (ROI)

Natural Training was independently audited by the UK’s government-backed National Skills Council and found to have a 22-1 ROI.  This was measured in terms of new qualified business opportunity and wins purely as a result of our training programmes within a defined 24-month period.

We measured this as scientifically as possible by placing a tracker tag on the new opportunities and wins in the CRM of our clients including Dell and HP, enabling us to work out during and post-training the influence we had on stimulating new business.

Talk to us about the metrics that you want boosted in your business such as:

  • Increased new business revenue
  • Boosted close rates
  • Increased cross-sells, up-sells, repeats and referrals
  • More winning pitches
  • Improved outbound prospecting numbers, connections, and talk time

It’s really simple.  Natural will make you money. In fact, for every pound, euro or dollar you spend, you get 22 back!

2.  We are fanatical about Natural Style

The instant a prospect or customer feels they are dealing with someone who sounds scripted, ‘fake’ or not natural, they understandably switch off and try to exit the conversation.  Authenticity in today’s human communications has never been more important.  At Natural Training, we only use training concepts that work with the natural style of the learner.  If the learner doesn’t ‘gel’ with the concept, we challenge them to ‘make it yours’.  In other words, use a version of what we are saying that you are comfortable with.  We also have options, lots of them, to ensure that we provide the learner with an approach that works with their natural personality and style.

It really helps for us to get to know the individual before the training, so we always send out a short survey that drills into personal preferences and experience. This ensures the training, coaching and mentoring we provide fits like a glove.

We have some clever learning techniques to help your people to feel more deeply committed, engaged, and confident. When we start with Natural Style, great things start to happen. The learning programme really comes alive. Your people will rediscover the warmth and personality that is so often hidden away at work. They will also gain a newfound level of confidence and courage to bring their ‘A Game’ to work, and their customers, every time.

Find out why Dave loves Natural

Training grounded in reality

“Natural’s content is first class – with today’s case studies and examples ensuring high relevancy to today’s business and commercial world.”

David, Natural Sales Coach

3. We don’t believe in ‘off the shelf’ training

If a learner gets the sense that our training is ‘off the shelf’, they can switch off in the first 5 minutes and it’s really hard to get them back.  Which is why we have a specific design process to ensure that you are getting a training programme that feels like it belongs with your business culture.

Starting Point:  one of our Popular Programme frameworks

We have over 20 proven sales and communication programmes that our clients love, so chances are there is one we have created that serves as a good launch pad for what you want.  Or, if none of them suit, we write one for you.

3-Step Customisation Process

We then customise the training suited to your needs in three ways:

a)     We survey your people to assess their experience, language and needs.   This determines the sophistication of the training, how the trainer presents the concepts, anticipated engagement levels and any specific personal coaching that needs to happen within the group context

b)    We talk to your Managers and understand their needs, how they regard their people, and ascertain the culture of the team.  We show Managers the training tools, and see whether they are going to work, or crunch against what you have already.  It’s important to know that Natural has 100% ownership of our own IP, meaning that we aren’t going to hit you with licence fees from third parties.

It also means we can work with whatever system you have in place – for example if you have SPIN Selling embedded from many years ago, and it’s working, there’s very little point trying to introduce a new consultative selling system.  We customise our training around the tools that are already embedded, rather than throwing them out simply because ‘ours are better’.

We inject your customer examples, case studies and write specific scenarios that are going to bring to life the concepts.  For example, after you learn how to sell and pitch your unique value, we write you a scenario that gives your people the best chance of relating to it, and practicing it so they can feel that it works for them.  Then, when we release your team back into the wild, they have the confidence of knowing that the training will most likely work to help their performance.

Quite often our training will help your team fall back in love with your company.  We stimulate their belief in your brand, because it is crucial for your people to truly believe in what you stand for – your brand, your products, your services and each other – and what their wider role is in that.

c)  Approval and sign-off

We run through a high-level look at the final workshop design and get full approval from your stakeholders prior to the training.  This is an extra check to ensure that we meet the brief, and we all agree that the training is giving us every chance of success.

The bottom line is that through our customisation process, our development programmes are more practical and immediately more useful for your team.

4.  Businesspeople, not just ‘trainers’

It’s important that our people have the experience and ‘scar tissue’ to look your team in the eye and have the credibility to train them.  That’s why we take many of our trainers straight from the world of business, always in commercial, client facing roles.  We hire sales directors, sales managers, account directors and brilliant sales people who all have one thing in common:  authentic, sales experience.  Then, we ensure that they are trained up to our standards, using our unique 5-step training methodology (Intro, Sell, Train, Practice, Commit).

You deserve trainers with real, relevant, and recent proper commercial business experiences.  That’s Natural!

5.  The Natural Transformation Pathway

Learning has changed.  If you need to fix your bike tyre, you don’t book yourself into a one-day training course.  You Google it, and in 2 minutes you can work out what to do.  Then, providing you change a tyre a few times over the next 90 days, you probably know it for life.

Corporate training should be the same.  A small nugget of learning, then application and practice.  Followed by a commitment to change to complete the task in the workplace a few more times until it’s natural, supported by colleagues.

Today training is no longer about putting people in a classroom for a day and expecting lots of new ideas to stick.  That’s simply not how humans learn.

Take the 70:20:10 Learning Model (pictured -right).  This model, recently popularised by Charles Jennings, shows that around 70 percent of everything we learn comes from real-world experience and practice, around 20 percent is learned from our peers, and only 10 percent from formal education.

That’s why in our Natural Transformation Pathway (below) we feature over 25 ways to support active, engaged learners not only in the training room, but most importantly, back in the workplace.   Our methods ensure that your people will engage with a new piece of learning every 2-3 working days, continually boosting the retention.  Each piece of learning is served up in fresh, innovative ways, such as peer-to-peer coaching, superstar podcasts, and quick learning huddles to celebrate success and be inspired by our peers.

This ensures that new skills are applied, not forgotten.  Performance improvements are sustained not lost.  Best of all, you achieve real results that long outlive the programme.

That’s why Natural Transformation works.  Check out our Popular Programmes and download a brochure to see the Transformation Pathway with each.


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