Are You All Talk And No Trousers?

Part 3 of our Natural Value Series: Are You All Talk And No Trousers?

Convincing your prospects of the value of your products is one thing, now you have got to deliver

Failing to deliver the value they expect could seriously harm your chances of ever doing business with them again, as well as your reputation going forward.  Delivering value is about being authentic and 100% true to the value you have identified and created.

For example, if a stellar customer service that responds to queries in under an hour was part of your value proposition, and your customer has had to wait two days for a response, you have failed to deliver on the value you promised.   And you know what?  That client will talk to their colleagues, suppliers and other contacts about how your poor customer service caused them serious problems.

There could well be a number of reasons that affect your ability to deliver on the value you promised.  In the above example, staff illness and computer breakdown could have stymied efforts.  But if you have promised to deliver something without equivocation or exception, you simply have to deliver.

As a salesperson, you may believe it’s not your job to keep an eye on whether your company is delivering the value you promised that helped you to close the sale.  If that is how you think, you could be missing out on lots of future sale opportunities as well as long-term partnerships.

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Selling the Dream – Living the Nightmare

Often, companies that get it wrong do so because there is a disconnect between their sales division and the operations department.  Salespeople are busy selling the dream, sometimes making promises that are impossible to keep in order to get their prospects to sign on the dotted line.  Or they miss a few details, either deliberately or by accident.  They then don’t pay any attention to those in operation who cannot deliver on what was sold.

However, it’s not always the fault of those in sales.  Sometimes operations lets customers down by losing sight of what it is they value so much.

So, own the relationship with clients.  Check back in with them regularly and make sure everything is being delivered up to spec.  And if it isn’t, ensure that the operations side of the organisation picks up the slack.

To help you deliver value, draw up a checklist of the promises that sales make and the ways that operations can deliver.

Exceed Expectations

But, there’s even more to delivering value than this.  Part of the equation is looking to identify areas where you can offer even more value.  Are there places where you can expand on the existing value you are delivering?

Some of the most successful companies are those that go the extra mile to put a smile on customer faces by exceeding their expectations.

Online sporting retail company Wiggle will occasionally put free bags of Haribos in with customer orders.  In Australia, when home renovation company MDM finishes a property, they hand it back with a fully stocked fridge and leave a bottle of champagne and glasses on the dining room table.

Make Sure You Deliver

Every single person in your company has a vested interest in delivering value to your clients.  You may be going great guns and selling left, right and centre, but if customers aren’t getting what you promised, your sales opportunities will dry up.

Make it your job to get everyone on the same page and continuously strive to better understand customers and deliver the true value they expect.  And deliver it better than your competitors.

Look out for PART 4: How To Prove Your’s Is The Best Service, on Tuesday

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