Are your team too product focused when selling?

Have you ever walked into a shop or called a business and felt overawed with the amount of detail you’ve received about their product or solution?

You often finish the conversation feeling like you’re even more confused than when you went in!

As human beings we like things simple, we want to know what something is going to do, rather than necessarily how it works or what it is made up of.

We’ve all experienced this and when putting ourselves in the shoes of a salesperson we can be guilty of this.

Of course as salespeople we need to know all about our product or solution, but it doesn’t mean the customer we deal with needs us to recite our entire knowledge onto them.

The headache

Here’s an example of when this has happened to me recently. I was in a store looking for a washing machine and within a minute I was being told about variable spin speed, energy & water efficiency and specialist washing modes. All I really wanted was a small, run-of-the-mill machine for everyday washes. The information being presented to me was completely irrelevant given my buying criteria and I left confused, and more importantly, without making a purchase.

An example of when a supplier has consistently sold the problem they solve is the pharmacy. If you have a headache they advise a particular medicine to take. Do you they tell you every single detail about what’s in it? No, they simply tell you what it’s going to do to help you.

This is the approach we should all take when selling. Consult your prospect and understand their pains and/or gains, then focus on the problem you can solve. Present to them the scenario they could be in, if they choose to do business with you.

I was speaking with a tech client recently and they had a pitch with Red Bull Racing. The main buyer from Red Bull opened with this question:

“How is your piece of kit going to make our cars go faster?”

My client had done their planning in advance and preempted this, knew what business challenge their product would solve and they won the pitch by having a solid answer to that one question.

Elevate your conversations

Creative brainstorm concept

When we focus on the product or solution we sell, we can sometimes over complicate the sell, making it more long winded and difficult for the customer to say yes. Think about the deals you have on the table at the moment, what is your customer’s challenge and how will you be able to solve their problem? Are you elevating the conversation into a more value driven one, where you’re working with customers to grow their business and can therefore be seen far more as an advisor than a sales person?

Next time you speak to a customer, at the end of the conversation ask yourself, do I really know what problem I am solving for them, what pain am I taking away or what gain am I giving them.

Once you become more aware of that, success will follow.

If you’re interested in learning how your team can elevate their conversations and focus more on the customer, contact one of our Training Consultant’s today.

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