Attitude wins

When recruiters recruit salespeople, they tend to look through CV’s and spot relevant knowledge and skills. Thus, they hire based on experience. Yet they tend to fire sales people on attitude (experience doesn’t matter when firing).

Is this a sensible approach? Or should recruiters start reversing this trend?

When you see this brought to life in the graphic below, it’s easy to see that it’s the attitude that drives the acquisition of skills, knowledge and experience. So really, recruiters should be recruiting on attitude and firing on skills, not the other way around!



Here at Natural Training we are firm believers in finding great people with the right attitude – and we’ll deal with the rest later. Experience is good, but unless they’re made of the right stuff, then how do we know for sure we have a good thing?

We have just hired two new sales people – one with experience, one without. Both are brilliant people – honest, enthusiastic, likeable and genuine, and they are a pleasure to train and nurture. If they can give us the attitude, then we will provide them with the experience.

For more insight, please refer to Chapter 14 of our book The Natural Sales Evolution on Amazon or give me a call on 0207 043 1582

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