Our Blended Learning Elements

Traditional Training tends to carry a major challenge; the learning is soon forgotten because it doesn’t have a chance to live, breathe, and manifest into a habit. We combat this challenge through 2 simple methods which enable people to establish positive behaviours quickly and effectively:

1. All of our workshops are highly practical; we make real calls to clients, present upcoming pitches, or implement strategies to unblock pipeline.

2. We follow up the learning through a variety of different modern blended learning strategies, some of which are listed below.

Wrap-Up Trainer Videos

We film customised bite-size learning videos for your programme. Each video will feature relevant scenarios and examples that make them unique to your business challenges.  We can even feature your people and customers!


Learning podcasts work well for individuals such as field sales reps regularly on the move.  They enhance the program in just a few minutes a day, featuring reinforced and extended learning in a conversational format.

Campfire C Calling_@3x

Campfire Conference Calls

A 45-minute group call with your delegates and Natural Sales Coach to share success, linking sales conversions and results to the training undertaken.  We celebrate success and invite others to continue to use the new learning to generate results.

Skype Coaching Session - On Field Orange

Skype Coaching Calls

Your people receive a focused 45 minute personal online coaching session with their expert coach. They work through key development areas and learn new techniques to improve their personal performance and optimise sales results.


Live WebEx

WebEx is one of the more engaging methods of virtual learning, featuring two-way communication and feedback loops. Brand new topics, reinforcement, and success stories ensure each WebEx delivers great value.

Lunch and Learn_@3x

Lunch and Learn

We train your Managers how to run a perfect 60 minute ‘Lunch and Learn’ session with their teams.  Each pack contains a fresh sales training module, practical trainer notes, slides and worksheets (where relevant).

Learning Challenge_@3x

Practical Sales Challenge

We encourage real world application by setting practical sales challenges and activities. Examples include a negotiation simulation to carry out with colleagues, or submitting a pitch to camera for feedback.


Battle Cards

Battle Cards sum up the selling strategy with concise sales and marketing information enabling sales people to communicate with much more impact. They sit on desks, well designed and visible to prepare your sales people for success.


Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets are usually represented as an A4 or A3 laminated desktop planner or a virtual version. They provide 10-12 memory hooks and shortcuts enabling sales people to retain and utilise the tools from the sales training programmes.


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