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Why creating a sales academy could be the best move your organisation ever makes

Sales excellence does not happen by chance, and any manager worth their key to the executives’ drinks cabinet knows that continual training and development are the foundations of an exceptional sales team. Hiring the right people is only the start of it, and a good manager wouldn’t dream of leaving a new member to their…

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5 Reasons that Sales Transformation Outshines Sales Training

So your sales team is not delivering the results you want. Maybe your first thought is to get them on a training programme. Give them a boost, get them to learn some new skills. But before you make the important decision of where to invest your cash, ask yourself this: Is it really sales training…

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Overcoming Barriers to Sales Improvement

A good football manager wouldn’t dream of putting his players on the pitch without continued training and coaching. Likewise, you don’t want to send your salespeople out unless they are fully equipped and motivated. Yet you may work for a management team that still doesn’t recognise the benefits and importance of investing in employee training….

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The Conversion Game & Marginal Gains – Part 2

Your business needs to make sales to survive. While that may sound like the most obvious sentence in the world, success is about more than just selling products and services. In our last blog we highlighted the value in using and optimising conversion funnels and saw how a 1% increase in conversions resulted in a…

The Perfect Conversion Funnel, Attract Engage Convert Delight Ve

The Conversion Game & Marginal Gains – Part 1

If your salespeople want to smash their targets and bring home the bacon, they need to think about conversion funnels. A truly effective salesperson understands their sales funnel and knows the levers required to make the marginal gains necessary to succeed. Visualising the funnel Understanding the concept of conversion funnels is vital for identifying blockages…


Are your team too product focused when selling?

Have you ever walked into a shop or called a business and felt overawed with the amount of detail you’ve received about their product or solution? You often finish the conversation feeling like you’re even more confused than when you went in! As human beings we like things simple, we want to know what something…

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5 Strategies to generate demand for your premium product

Diamonds are highly compressed chunks of carbon that are forever, a girl’s best friend, uber expensive and in great demand. Despite the high prices they are a much sought after premium product. One of the reasons for this is that supply is limited. Diamonds are not actually all that rare, but you’re not going to…

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What are the two vital behaviours your sales team needs?

Too often “sales” is seen as a dirty word. Ask the average person in the street to come up with a few adjectives to describe salespeople and selling techniques, and it won’t be too long before you hear words like “pushy”, “dishonest” and “manipulative”. Traditional selling has given sales a bad rap. This old way…


5 ways to turn LinkedIn prospects into leads

There are plenty of reasons why sales prospecting on LinkedIn makes perfect sense. With more than 400 million members worldwide, it is arguably THE social network for business development, and a great way to get your foot in the door. According to the 2014 whitepaper, Social Buying Meets Social Selling: How Trusted Networks Improve the Purchase…

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How to qualify leads: The 4 gateways your team needs in place

Just because someone has showed an interest in your products or services, it doesn’t mean they intend to buy. Leads are a dime a dozen, but which ones are worth the effort? Many companies try to sell to every lead their sales team receives, which can result in a lot of wasted time and effort…


How Cold Calling Landed Our Biggest Client Ever – Part 2

7 Cold Calling Tips & Techniques that Work Following on from last week’s blog, How Cold Calling Landed Our Biggest Client Ever, we’ll be taking our 7 cold calling techniques and simplifying them so your team can get on with landing your biggest client of all time. 1. You must believe in your offering: cold calling success relies in…


How Cold Calling Landed Our Biggest Client Ever – Part 1

In this globally uber-connected digital world, you may be wondering if cold calling still has a place in the sales environment. Technology and sales methodologies have changed drastically in recent years with many sellers using social media platforms, email marketing techniques and other sophisticated ways to make selling easier. But cold calling is still a…

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What’s the difference between loss aversion and scaremongering?

In sales, the overwhelming majority of us have a positive outlook. We have to, or rejection would crush us. You want to naturally cultivate that positive outlook because resiliency means, when faced with a roadblock, you’ll go over, under, around and perform nimble manoeuvers to get where you want to be. Positivity is both a…