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5 ways to have more business focused sales conversations

In order to sell high value solutions to top level execs, we can no longer just talk about needs and product specifications. These prospects expect informed, intelligent and consultative salespeople who will not only find them a great solution, but connect and challenge them with up-to-date industry insight. Here are the top 5 things you…


Part 2 Insight Selling: Our 3 Step Process

At Natural Training, we like to keep things simple.  We see no reason to over complicate sales, which is why we have developed a simple three-stage insight selling tool.  It is easy to follow, memorable and above all it works.  The approach hinges on three fundamental questions:WHO? WHAT? HOW? In part 1 of this 2…


5 Ways To Make Your Pitch Seem Unrehearsed

“We loved your pitch because it didn’t feel overly rehearsed”. Recently a client of ours, a global insurance firm, went through our pitching skills training, and received some feedback from their prospect when they put our techniques into action; “We loved your pitch because it didn’t feel overly rehearsed”. We took this as a great…


5 Tools for Channel Account Managers: Part 2

Part 2: How To Create Stories That Excite. By Robbie Driver, Sales Enablement Consultant – helping IT businesses to create the perfect sales training solutions. This is part 2 of our series on how Channel Account Managers can improve partner relationships and directly impact their sales number. Last time we discussed how to move beyond the product. You…


5 Tools for Channel Account Managers: Part 1

Part 1: Move Beyond the Product. By Robbie Driver, Sales Enablement Consultant – helping IT businesses to create the perfect sales training solutions. Being a Channel Account Manager is an incredibly challenging role. Every day you are competing for mind share against other vendors – the heat is on to persuade and engage sales people…


Insight Selling & Consultative Selling – A Perfect Match: Part 1

By Matt Drought, Founder and Chief Training Designer. In our book, The Natural Sales Evolution, we show how selling has evolved over the years.  Today, the most effective salespeople offer unique insight to customers that help to drive their business and offer them value. Think about one of your friends who might be a ‘go-to’…


Murray is the Best in the World at Listening. 
Here’s how he does it.

This is Murray. Murray is our resident Solutions Director at Natural, which means he coaches our teams to win more deals, and trains our people to provide epic client service. Murray is an excellent listener.  He listens so well that he gets to the truth of everything quicker. And he is extremely well-liked by clients and colleagues….


The Negotiation Playbook – Part 1

  This week’s blog contribution has been written by Paul O’Donnell, Managing Director at Natural Training We know that when it comes to the latter stages of the deal, closing and getting the contract agreed and in place, many sales teams struggle.  You’ve followed a robust sales process that has secured a commitment from the…

Selling to the C suite

The C-Suite Mindset

This week’s blog has been written by Paul O’Donell, Managing Director at Natural Training  Mind-set… For almost all sales people, an invitation to meet with the C-Suite of an existing or new customer is a great opportunity to get straight to the decision-makers. So how can you make that happen? Adapt your mind-set To be…


Paul is the best in the world at negotiating

  Here is how he does it….   This is Paul. He is our new Managing Director at Natural, which means he helps all of us Naturals with the skills and behaviours of negotiation. This enables us all to resolve conflict, see things from other people’s perspectives, and close more deals. We’ve been watching Paul…


Robbie is the Best in the World at Cold-Calling. Here’s How He Does It.

This is Robbie. Robbie is the best in the world at Cold Calling. He gets past more gatekeepers than anybody else, and generates six-figure deals from people who have never heard of him. You can be like Robbie. We’ve listened to dozens of his calls, and here’s how he does it: 1) Robbie is authoritative and…

5 Ways to Develop a Smokin’ Pipeline in 2017

Right now, 2017 is opening up all sorts of opportunities for many of our clients here at Natural.  Clients who are attacking the year and developing strong pipeline are going to be the winners this year. Right now, you probably need to be engaged in activities that will build your pipeline. A big, beautiful, well…


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