3 Ways to Become More Successful at Telesales – Naturally!

We all have an idea of the “typical telesales” person.

Usually it’s someone who:

– catches you at the worse time
– talks at you rather than to you
– inundates you with thousands of fast, and irrelevant words
– asks few questions
– tries to convince you to do something you don’t want to do
– hopes that they get their “spiel” out before you hang up

With this type of reputation, it is little wonder that we might be reluctant to pick up the phone and call a prospective customer! Who wants to be put into the same category as annoying telesales people!

So how do we avoid this telesales trap?

One secret
There’s only one secret that will ensure you sell to prospects with success.

It is your well developed and practised ability to engage them in a meaningful conversation.

How do you do this?

First, by thinking of all the valuable conversations you have with your friends, family and colleagues.

The normal daily conversations you have with these people are likely to be:

• 2-way in nature – both people sharing the conversation
• more caring – you actually want to hear about your friends issues
• easy flowing – you never have to think very hard about what to say
• valuable – you find yourself getting and giving advice and help

Recreate this scenario

What you need to do is recreate this scenario, these qualities on the phone when we are talking to prospective clients.

You might be thinking that this is flawed given you don’t know the people you are calling.

You’re right, you don’t.

But the same principles apply, and we must get as naturally close to a valuable conversation as possible.

3 ways to be more effective on the phone

1. Do not deviate from your natural style.

Lose the phone voice!

You know those times when you were fighting with your brother or sister and your mum was yelling at you?

Right in the middle of it the phone would ring, and mum would put on her phone voice, as if by magic. That’s the voice I’m talking about.

The sweet and false voice that you think will charm people (but doesn’t – they can tell!).

The would-be radio announcers might think they are captivating their caller with the dulcet tones of their voice, but if the message isn’t right, forget it pal.

2. Don’t worry too much about “small talk”.

When picking up the phone people need to know exactly why you’re calling. Have a strong message (purpose) sorted out before hand.

I get sales calls all the time. Some people start off with the weekend and holiday bit. Frankly, I don’t know them, and I don’t care to exchange information about my life with a stranger.

Furthermore, I’m in the middle of something when they call. I want to know, straight away, the purpose of their call.

3. Use the call wisely

Finally, if they can’t help or buy from you, ask them whether you know someone who can.

Sometimes they might point you in the right direction.

Try it – you’ll be surprised how many people will actually give you a potential lead.

It’s difficult, so you might as well be natural!

Selling over the phone is difficult. You are automatically “lumped” into the same category as every other telesales person, which is not good for your credibility.

But if you try and be yourself and get to the point, you are automatically distinguishing yourself from 95% of the unprofessional call-centre types out there.

Be natural. It will maximise your chances of success.

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