What is value selling?

Value selling is an important sales technique that relies on showcasing and building on the core value of your products and services.

It is about de-emphasising price as the dominant force in the decision making process, and convincing customer’s that the higher price is actually a better solution — a higher value.

The golden rule:

It’s not about being better than the competition – It’s about being more relevant!

This means aligning your value to the issues and needs of the customer.


Value selling is one of the subjects that comes up frequently in our sales training. It’s about how to give the customer more for their money – not less. It’s about looking at your product or service and saying “How can we add value to this for our customers?”.

We love value selling. We do a great workshop on value selling, there is a free PDF on it here, and it also comes up in our other blogs.


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