Are you convincing?

At Natural Training, we love salespeople who shoulder the blame for a sale. Most don’t – they tend to blame the customer! But maybe it’s not the customer’s fault; maybe it really is the salesperson’s fault. Maybe the salesperson’s communication simply hasn’t been persuasive enough to jolt people out of their apathy.


  1. “I will buy this treat or I will buy nothing, because I don’t really need anything.”
  2. “I will buy your consulting services, or I’ll continue doing what I’m doing now on that front, which is nothing.”
  3. “I will vote for you or I’ll do what I usually do, which is not vote.”
  4. “I’ll hire you, or I’ll hire no one.”
  5. While you think your competition is that woman across town, it’s probably apathy, sitting still, ignoring the problem… nothing.
  6. Stop worrying so much about comparing yourself to every other possible competitor you can imagine and start comparing yourself to nothing.
  7. Are you really worth the hassle, the risk, the time, the money? Or can’t the prospect just wait until tomorrow

You need to be persuasive, clear and memorable if decision makers are going to give you the time of day.

As Seth says, maybe it’s apathy that is your main competitor. Maybe your customer just isn’t that into you right now. The above points all relate to what is happening in the mind of your customer. The bottom line is that you have to evolve! If you can catch the decision maker at their desk (now it’s only 30% of the time and dropping), then you better make the most of the time you have to communicate with them!

So ask yourself………are you convincing?

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