8 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Invitations Memorable

Be different with your invitation. Be creative with your first approach.

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I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn:  BORING!

The standard approach to new contacts on LinkedIn is a bit like a shop assistant asking “Can I help you?”  It’s dull, default language that shows a lack of personalised care.

As a result we tend to ignore those approaches which is why your LinkedIn invitations might be falling on deaf ears.

Whereas we know that naturally, we humans enjoy a bit of variety – we like to break from the norm, and know that you care!  Before our Top 8 new approaches, here are some guidelines:

  • Less is more
  • Go for the niche, the thin edge.  One product or idea, not lots of them.
  • Ask for feedback or advice
  • Show something in common
  • Ask a question
  • Show genuine enthusiasm

If you would like some more creative ideas, try out a few of the 7 below.  However, as we always say at Natural, make them yours!  Add your own personality and style to ensure that your contacts just know it’s from you, and no-one else.

Here are a few options:

1.  A splash of humour

Dear Daphne,

I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.  I say ‘professional’, but there are a few unprofessional ones that have snuck into my network somehow.  Not that you’re one of them.  You’re very professional.

Kind regards,



2.  A pick of the brains

Hi Nigel,

We have a few contacts in common, and I’m dead keen to understand your point of view about a new part of the business we are opening.  Can I pick your brains for 5 minutes please?

Oh – and I ‘d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Kind regards,


3.  Common Ground #1

Dear Bob,

I see that you are also interested in XXXX matters.  I would love to connect with you.

Kind regards,


4.   Common Ground #2

Dear James,

I see that you are a member of the XXX Group.  I am part of this group and would like to share a couple of ideas with you.  Could we connect, please?

Kind regards,


5.  Common Ground #3

Dear Kelly,

I’ve enjoyed reading your comments on the GROUP NAME feed.  I think we share some common thinking.  It would be great to connect with you!

Kind regards,



6.  Friendly Neighbour

Dear Noreen,

I’ve just moved to London from Manchester and I’m working not far away from you in Shoreditch.  Could I buy you a coffee and pick your brains about the local area and your business please?  I’m keen to get more involved with [industry type].

Are you free next Tuesday at 11am?

Kind regards,



7.  Market Research

Dear Lynne,

We have recently launched a new part of our business around high impact sales enablement videos – such as these for Oracle:

Could you please take a quick peek and let me know if you think we are on the right track?

Kind regards,



8.  The Balanced Consultation

Dear Barry,

Thanks for connecting with me.  Could I please ask your advice on something, as you are in digital and sales, both passions of mine.

A more mobile workforce like yours brings with it challenges, such as how to train them!  To fix this, we have created a Webinar training idea which you can see here:

Question for you:  Do you have similar training challenges with your team, and if so could you see how a remote learning solution like this might work for you?

Kind regards,



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