The Big Picture in Holistic Sales Training

Sue Barrett recently wrote a blog post on entitled “Sales trend five: The new accountability in holistic (sales) learning” that identifies some interesting trends on the future of learning and development, for salespeople in particular.

We at Natural Training believe Barrett is spot on with several of her observations about the shifting focus of training from a cut and dried lecture by an instructor who’s far removed from the business world teaching a cookie-cutter version of a selling system.

There is no “one size fit all” when it comes to effective training, and the shift to an individualised model where employees are encouraged to take control of their learning with the proper support from management is key to a company’s success in developing a sales culture throughout.

As Barrett describes “Adaptive Learning,” she is also spot on in using the 70-20-10 basis for developing training regimens based on proven scientific findings that focus on a variety of methods as the best structure to present sales training skills.

At Natural Training, we use the 70-20-10 model to develop training systems that focus far beyond just classroom ideologies. Our motto is “Learn, Then Do.” It forms the basis for every training module we develop that’s customised to your company’s culture and values. Our training methods go well beyond classroom lectures and spread the process out over a period of time so that your team is fed knowledge, skills, and practical application that become ingrained in everything they do.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to effective training

Barrett also states that accountability for out-sourced training needs to be connected to a verifiable ROI, a core assumption that Natural Training has been working under for several years. We have a proven track record of achieving a 21 per cent ROI on our training methods, some times even more. We believe that true training changes core behaviours that have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Where Barrett misses the big picture in accountability is not just in identifying a person’s learning style, but we believe in focusing on an individual’s natural strengths and talents as the foundation for his or her style. While it’s important to present training in a variety of formats to cater to adult learning styles, what we found more important is to focus on an individual’s personality, including his or her values, beliefs, and culture to create a style that is personalised and natural.

Anyone can be taught sales techniques and tips, but where it becomes most effective is when learning and doing are customised to each individual’s style, allowing him or her to be a natural sales person.

Be anotherAt Natural Training, we focus on each individual, not just to uncover individual learning styles, but to determine fundamental beliefs, behaviours, and values that can institute real change, the kind of change needed for companies today to be empathetic towards customers. Because it’s sincere empathy that drives sales today.

Since your sales team is made up of unique individuals, help them each identify their unique talents and abilities. If you want the strongest, most effective sales force, give your staff training that effects real change in organisations.

The big picture should focus on training that’s based on natural style. It’s the only cost-effective way to inspire and mobilise your sales force to make the most of your training dollars.

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