The Top 3 Qualities of an Effective Sales Manager

Sales Managers need quite a few more skills than just being able to manage numbers and create spreadsheets to track those numbers. You must know what to manage beyond the numbers, and you certainly can’t improve your numbers by spending hours shifting data in the cells of a spreadsheet.

Gallup research shows that having the right sales manager can improve a salesperson’s performance by 20%.

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The following three qualities of effective sales management to lead and empower a sales team will help you excel and surpass those important sales numbers.

  1. Master the change

The marketplace is constantly changing, and shifts in technology and financial and economic forecasts drive escalating improvements that need to be managed. What you do today to address issues in your marketplace will be old school tomorrow. Things to ask yourself to help you identify your capacity to master change are:

“Is my team spotting enough opportunities during conversations?”

“Has my team improved in the past year or are they stuck in the same old routine?”

  1. Build enthusiasm

At Natural Training, we often hear sales managers say, “My team is lacking motivation—calls and meetings have slowed down—it’s like a morgue in there” Or “My team is lacking passion”. It’s up to sales managers to keep their teams energised and focused on the golden ring. You need to show your sales force what they’re capable of achieving and keep them pumped daily and weekly. Your passion and positive attitude must lead the way.

  1. Grow and develop

Doctors, dentists, lawyers, and other professionals must constantly learn new methods and different tactics to stay at the top of their fields. Sales is no different. Sales training doesn’t end with a two-week orientation. Growth and development take continual investment. If you’ve noticed things like “My team is getting thrown off the sale with the most simple of objections” or “Why won’t my team pick up the phone and call some people”, consider the benefits that outside training can bring to give them the techniques and understanding to stretch beyond their comfort zone.

In today’s challenging economic environment, effective sales managers find that continual improvement in these three areas affect the highest returns. So, improve your sales process, take a look at your management process, and commit yourself to never-ending improvement.

At Natural Training, we create customised training programmes that are focused on your company’s needs and desired outcomes. You get personalised, individual training that helps both sales managers and their teams explode through sales quotas and achieve guaranteed results.

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