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Why Postponing Your Coaching Session For A Big Pitch Is The Worst Move Ever

So you have a big pitch coming up that is sucking all of your available time into preparation for it, and you’re considering perhaps skipping this week’s coaching session to alleviate some of the pressure on your crazy schedule. Not only is this a bad idea, but it may very well turn out to be…

Running Out Of Time

Not Enough Hours In The Day?

In a world that seemingly gets ever busier, everyone’s busy trying to sell you stuff to help make you more productive and to supposedly save you time. Wearable technology, new and improved smartphones and contactless payment cards are all intended to give us a few precious extra moments in the hurly burly of everyday life….

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Bullying Customers – Who Owns The Call?

Natural Training has a unique insight into sales calls – as part of one service we record sales calls on behalf of our clients so that we can give them real-world feedback on their sales performance. It’s called Call Doctor – find out more here. Through this we start to get a feel of what…

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Top 5 Negotiation Catastrophes

Think of your favourite footballer. You generally believe there is a God-given talent that has propelled him to the heights of success. What might often not come to mind though, is the thousands of hours of practice he has endured to get where he is today. It’s much the same with negotiating. You have to learn how…

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Strategies to Win Big at Sales Meetings

Reaching company decision makers is tough. They are able to hide behind emails, voicemail and a ferocious front-line of secretaries and personal assistants, gatekeepers who fend off approaches by dozens of people like you every week.  Everyone wants a small piece of their calendar, so when you do manage to set up a meeting it…

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BE BOLD! Change their world!

Watching American Idol last week I was reminded of just how forgettable some people can be.  There was one girl who had fronted up for eight years in a row – and the judges barely remembered her. With my “consumer” hat on, I reckon I have said “no” to about about 100 sales approaches made to me in the past 12…

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You Had Me At Hello: 4 Ways To Make A Fantastic First Impression!

In today’s consumer society, we are all customers a lot of the time. The success or failure of a company’s customer service has become something that can affect us multiple times in a single day. I believe that great customer service is pretty easy to deliver but so often, people get it wrong. With the prevalence of online customer reviews and clients taking to social media to air their complaints…can we really afford to get the basics wrong?

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Turn Trade Show Meetings into Successful Sales

No matter what business you’re in, trade shows provide you with instant access to your audience, the starting point for long-term fruitful relationships. Choose the right shows, plan well and staff them with your best people and you will increase your chances of receiving a stellar boost to your business.

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5 Killer Ways to Coach Your Sales Team to Success

They are your A-Team, a fantastic group of salespeople who were hired for their skills, knowledge, experience and ability to seal deals.  But no matter their brilliance, there is always room for growth. Here are five tips to keep your salespeople at the top of their game, winning more sales and realising their true potential:…


The One Question You Should Ask Anyone Trying To Sell You Space At A Trade Show

Whenever I get asked whether I’d like to be part of a trade show, exhibition, conference or event, my first question is always: How many leads can you guarantee that I’ll get? This always invokes a flustered response in whoever is trying to sell it, as they try and justify and rationalise that they can’t…


What a Trade Show Can Do For Your Business

Trade shows are a great way to get in front of a heavily targeted market who’s hungry for your product or service. And, done well, can bring you leads for months to come. Here are some things you really need to know!


Value Selling Fixes Everything

Value selling is the most important part of selling.  It’s all about de-emphasising price as the dominant force in the sale, and teaching customers that in your case, it’s worth paying more for your premium product. As a Sales Professional, your greatest role, in fact your only role, is to add value.  If you don’t,…