How To Create Phenomenal Inside Sales Energy

“In this very real world, good doesn’t drive out evil. Evil doesn’t drive out good. But the energetic displaces the passive.” Bill Bernbach.

If there’s one thing that separates top performing sales teams from the average, it’s energy

It’s tough to keep energy high on a telesales floor. You can’t just open a can of ‘Instant Prospecting Energy’ and release it through the air vents, although you may have dreamed of doing so.

Telesales people have to complete 80 tasks a day, with no guarantee of success. There’s no hiding, because everything is recorded. Repeat that 220 times a year –  it’s unrelenting.

No wonder energy sometimes dips, and the atmosphere seems more like a library than a sales floor.

So, how can you create a phenomenal level of energy and success with your Inside Sales team?

The answer is enablement – giving them the tools and skills to succeed.

When your team is enabled to succeed, the atmosphere changes. More people get through to more customers. Those customers listen. Success breeds success. More customers are buying. More commission is made. And the energy just keeps lifting.

It’s the same energy that fuels you when you learn a new sport or hobby. It’s not a chore when you’re winning.

To understand how you can boost the energy in your team it’s important to understand what makes successful salespeople tick. Here’s what we know:

1). They are ‘doing’ people. They are born organisers, activists, agitators.

2). They love a win – even more than the money that accompanies it.

3). They don’t like sitting down for long watching someone else speak.

4). They like to be on display, strutting their stuff, showing what they know.

5). They like tricks and shortcuts, that give them even the smallest edge.

At Natural we created a way to play to those instincts and create phenomenal Inside Sales energy. We help enable your telesales people in such a way that the energy is not just a temporary fix, but long lasting, as each person enjoys the success that comes with the learning.

We achieve this energy boost with our Natural LIVE programme – a training and live calling experience based around our ShortBurst training method, combined with real calls. This creates a rapid succession of learning, achievement, and embedding. Your team will learn how to message properly, how to get through gatekeepers, ask questions that sell, pitch your proposition and close deals.

Call us today on 0207 043 1582 to find out more, and tell us how much energy you want to see on your telesales floor!

P.S. On November 8th 2017 we’re holding a free Breakfast Roundtable for you to learn from our CEO Matt Drought on how to create phenomenal energy on your Inside Sales floor.  Call or email to register your interest.


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