How To Create A Strong Leadership Culture in Your Sales Team

For your sales team to hit their outbound call numbers you need strong, fresh & energetic team leadership.

But it’s hard for one team leader to keep motivating their team to hit their activity numbers week after week after week. Team leaders can feel like they are constantly repeating themselves and losing the motivation & support of the team. Team members can feel like the are hearing the same messages from someone who potentially doesn’t have call numbers to hit themselves and may have forgotten just how hard telesales can be.

So, at Natural we often recommend a team leadership strategy called ROTATE. Rotate means that a different Activity Team Leader from your Inside Sales team is appointed every week. This person is responsible for the team’s activity targets and time management structure. For example, getting everyone together at the beginning of the morning and at the end of their Sacred Time.

This strategy has the following advantages:

1)  It is proven to drive consistent increased outbound activity by at least 20%

2)  Your team hears from a different voice, with fresh techniques and new thinking which keeps the culture vibrant and alive

3)  Your weekly team leaders feel a new-found empathy for just how difficult it is to drive activity, which helps them to respond well to other team leaders.

4)  You identify team leaders of the future – sometimes it’s people you would least expect!

The benefits of ROTATE include keeping the leadership message and approach fresh and helping your entire team really work better together.

Using the rotate method you can expect consistent target to be hit and a more sustained energy in your team.

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  You probably have a regular Team Leader for your Inside Sales Team.  It’s important that this person feels that their role is not being undermined.  They are still in charge of the team, and the overall number and key metrics.  They still report to the Sales Leadership Team, and are responsible for performance.  This is about rotating an ACTIVITY Team Leader, and your normal team leader shares this responsibility as well.  It’s about making their role a bit easier, and more enjoyable, by making everyone else responsible and accountable for the activity number.

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