Robbie is the Best in the World at Cold-Calling. Here’s How He Does It.

Robbie - World Class Cold-Caller

Robbie – World Class Cold-Caller

This is Robbie. Robbie is the best in the world at Cold Calling. He gets past more gatekeepers than anybody else, and generates six-figure deals from people who have never heard of him.

You can be like Robbie. We’ve listened to dozens of his calls, and here’s how he does it:

1) Robbie is authoritative and confident

Robbie doesn’t stammer or mumble when he’s talking to a gatekeeper. He keeps his voice level and even.

He states his name and who he wants to speak with. His tone is that of someone who has a right to be heard. If he’s asked about the reason for the call, he doesn’t try to dress it up as something it’s not. He states his intentions plainly and simply.

Most of the time, he gets put straight through to the person he wants to talk to. That’s why Robbie is unbeatable as an opener of doors, and why he’s the King of Cold Calling.

2) Robbie is unhurried

Robbie takes his time to understand the customer’s situation. He doesn’t leap straight into a corny sales pitch. In fact, he doesn’t pitch at all. He knows that that comes much later in the sales process.

Robbie wants to find out all he can about the customer, so that any recommendations that he does make totally match the customer’s situation.

Customers want to talk to him because of his wise counsel. He helps them understand their problems better, and starts to work with them on a solution. That’s why his conversations last longer, and why he’s the Best in the World at Cold Calling.

3) Robbie talks about the customer

Robbie asks intelligent questions about his customer’s business. He doesn’t talk about our Sales Training Programmes, he talks about sales results.

Robbie does his homework, so before he even speaks to the customer, he knows about their business challenges and what they’re trying to accomplish. Robbie selects relevant case studies that match the customer’s business, so that he can show them what a Sales Training Programme would do for their business.

Customers love Robbie, because they can tell that he cares about them. They want to know more, so they stay on the line. That’s what makes Robbie No 1 at Cold Calling.

4) Robbie knows the value of what he’s selling

Robbie’s not afraid of being brushed aside. He’s not thrown off by “objections” that the customer raises. He recognises that their concerns are genuine, and he’s ready to listen and talk them through. He knows that once the customer understands the value of Natural Training’s programmes, their resistance will melt away.

It’s how he holds the attention of C-Level customers. They can hear in his voice that he knows he’s got something of value that will benefit them. That’s why they give him air time, and it’s why Robbie is the World’s Best at Cold Calling.

5) Robbie uses vivid language

Robbie doesn’t waffle on about abstract concepts. He talks about real, tangible results that resonate strongly with the customer. He paints a picture of what success would look like for each customer, and invites them into his vision of their future.

He lets them see how their sales people could be behaving on the other side of a Sales Training Programme. He gives examples of the sort of things they’ll be saying, and he’s clear about the ROI that his customers can expect from the training (independently audited at 20:1, incidentally).

Customers are drawn into Robbie’s vision of their future world, and they find it really compelling. That’s why Robbie’s the Cold Calling Champ.

Robbie’s a smart guy. But he wasn’t born a World-Class Cold-Calling Champ. Great outbound callers are made, not born. We build on people’s natural talent and style to take them from good to great. Robbie learnt from the same methods that form the foundation of our Natural LIVE! Callout Days for outbound calling teams.

If you want to transform your sales team’s ability to open doors to big deals with people they don’t know, why not give Robbie a call on 020 7043 1582 before he calls you? You can experience his technique first hand, and ask him how he does it.

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