A Simple Technique to Boost Your Sales Team’s Activity

If you want to get some real drive & activity back into your Inside Sales team, then implement this simple time management strategy.

For most of our customers, there is a massive emphasis right now on establishing new connections with customers.  And this involves making dials – smashing activity numbers out of the park.

Yet, as you look at the sales floor, are you hearing voices or keyboards, yapping or tapping? Does your sales floor seem more like a library than a marketplace?

Maybe your sales people think they are selling, but what they are really doing is:

  • Spending lots of time on social media rather than using it to add impact to calls
  • Sifting through your CRM and making one dial every 15 minutes
  • Over-preparing: for example spending too much time crafting the ‘perfect’ email or social media introduction.

Or maybe they’re afraid to get on the phone and be that lone voice in the office? It can be nerve wracking enough simply making sales calls without the worry of your colleagues listening and judging your every word.

Boost Sales Activity

So, let’s get back to pure, high energy outbound dialling. Talking to strangers. Showing the world that they are proud to talk about your value proposition.

And wouldn’t it be great if everyone was on the phone together? There would be a buzz in the office that energises everyone and propels the team to make more calls.

Here’s how to make it happen:  SACRED TIME

If you want to get some real drive and activity back into your Inside Sales team, then implement a time management strategy we like to call Sacred Time. Dozens of our clients now have this in place, and are reaping the rewards. Many find that with a dedicated Sacred Time strategy they make more calls in less time than before.

Best of all Sacred Time is simple, and it works. Here’s how:

1.) Set aside a dedicated calling out time EVERY DAY: 

This could be any time of the day, that works for your business. For example, 9.15 until 11.30 every day.

2.) Be disciplined:

During this time, all your people do is make pro-active outbound calls. That’s why it’s called Sacred Time. The moment you give in to any other activity during this time, the whole initiative crumbles and it’s lost, forever. During Sacred Time there is no e-mails, no typing, or anything else. Just loads of voices all pulling together to make connections with new customers.

3.) Reward, congratulate, inspire:

To break records and get that energy back on the sales floor you need to make people feel great about being so focused during Sacred Time. So, you and your other Senior Leaders need to be visible on the floor, enjoying the voices and energy.

4.) Take a GOOD break directly after:

We call it Separation – the act of getting out of the office, as a team, and having a coffee. It’s hard work being in sales, and for that amount of effort, you need to build in some downtime. So, for up to 30 minutes after Sacred Time, enjoy a good, long break. Knowing this is coming will mean Sacred Time is much more enjoyable.

Make this simple change and watch your team’s activity number climb through the roof.

We recommend to our clients that they implement Sacred Time as part of an overall ‘Set-Play Time Management ‘strategy, which is a structure in which Inside Sales teams thrive.

Click below to download our FREE sample daily structure.

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