Two Core Secrets to Successful Selling

Why do some salespeople have a bad reputation? It’s for all the reasons you don’t like being ‘sold to’, such as:

– They catch you at the worst time

– They talk at you rather than to you

-They ask a couple of questions then hit their pitch

-They don’t listen

-They hope they get their “spiel” out before you hang up

In order to make sure you don’t fall into these traps, Here are two core secrets to successful selling:

1. Find the right size and shape of prospect, and selling is much easier

What do all your best customers have in common? They usually share criteria such as:

Need – they feel pain, not just mild annoyance, about their current situation.

Budget – they have money to spend, easily and without question.

Authority – they are in a position to say ‘yes’, taking away ‘decision by committee.

And so forth. When you have the list of criteria, then these are the parameters that you can use to target new prospects. This saves sales people a lot of wasted time targeting prospects who are going to take a lot of convincing.

2. Make your solution and pitch PERSONAL

Selling today is about tailoring your pitch or solution to your client’s issues, problems and challenges. What can you say beyond what the website is saying? And you can’t do that unless you know what their issues, problems and challenges are.


So, selling is more about asking and understanding than it is about telling and persuading.

The good news is – you can already do this! Just for a moment, forget about selling, and think instead about all the great conversations you have with people that matter to you – friends, family and colleagues. What are these conversations like?

-They’re usually 2-way in nature, both people sharing the conversation

-They’re caring – you actually want to hear about your friends’ issues

-They’re easy flowing – you never have to think very hard about what to say, it just happens

-They’re valuable – you find yourself getting & giving advice & help

-They happen at a measured pace – nobody is rushing to get their words out or interrupting to say something

Selling is not about having a special way of talking, with clever words and fancy language. It’s about having natural, free-flowing conversations with the right kind of people. We need to sell the way we would love to buy – it’s more effective, and much more fulfilling.

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