Dell & Softcat

75% increase in new business opportunities

Dell & Softcat


Jo Hall, Channel Development Manager at Dell, contacted Natural Training on behalf of its partner Softcat to schedule a day of Natural LIVE! training for Softcat’s sales force.

Dell and Softcat had some upcoming events – a product demo day and a seminar – that needed places filled. The goal of the highly successful Natural LIVE! training was to help Softcat’s sales team use their own natural, authentic skills to connect with customers on the phone and deliver an on-target Dell message to fill available spots at these upcoming events. Any qualified face-to-face appointments with potential customers as a result of this calling campaign would be an added bonus.


Natural LIVE! is an innovative, unique training format that follows a learn-then-do model. Highly hands-on, Natural LIVE! was tailored specifically to Softcat’s value creation in their relationship with Dell. Bite-size training pieces were combined with personal sales calls, using a number of new techniques that melded well with the team’s warm, personal style.

Targets included at least 3 new opportunities for each on the team of six sales people. By practicing and reacting to how the calls were progressing, new skills became part of their DNA, old habits were left behind, and new effective ones were created for a natural, down-to-earth performance that resonated with those contacted.

This was high-energy campaign focused on Dell messaging peppered with the right amount of product information. Every call was filtered through this targeted messaging, with 100% focus to the task. Having Dell’s vendor support personnel and Softcat’s sales team together encouraged their partnership and its potential.


75% increase in new business opportunities

Softcat’s sales force developed their own courageous style in delivering Dell’s message until they became comfortable in their own skin. As a result, they smashed the target of 18 new opportunities by generating a total of 31 business opportunities, or almost 75% more.

With the hands-on nature of Natural LIVE! training, Softcat’s sales team is motivated to differentiate themselves, selling Dell more effectiely and generating an astonishing number of additional business opportunities. An ancillary result is the strengthening of Dell’s and Softcat’s partnership, providing immense value to both companies simply from their existing client infrastructure and new prospects.

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Dell & Softcat


The results speak for themselves. The trainer was excellent - very focused with loads of energy. The training sessions have just enough “storage market background” and were packed with “customer facing” ideas.

Mark Maclean, UK Enterprise Solution Consultant, Dell

Extremely productive, enjoyable and very valuable – we unearthed 31 new opportunities in a single day with Natural Training where previous efforts had yielded only 3.

Jo Hall, Channel Development Manager, Dell


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