Extremely productive, enjoyable and very valuable – we unearthed 31 new opportunities in a single day with Natural Training where previous efforts had yielded only 3

Jo Hall, Channel Development Manager

75% increase in new business opportunities.

The Challenge

DellEMC came to Natural Training as they realised that one size fits no-one when it comes to sales training – they needed a tailored session to coach a team of telemarketers. The task assigned to the telemarketing team was to set appointments for their field sales team with board level executives at their prospects’ companies.

DellEMC sponsored a number of VARs to be included in this training to increase channel sales (with the likes of Softcat &  MTI). They chose a solution called Natural LIVE to work on the following:

  • Identify areas in calls where messaging and techniques could be improved for future training.
  • Motivate their team to develop their natural potential and raise the level of activity.
  • Achieve an agree-upon target of appointments as a result of Natural LIVE!

The Solution

Learn it

High impact 30-45min Short Burst* workshops interspersed throughout the day. We set targets, lift energy, and embed a small nugget of learning that will help your team boost their sales performance.

Make it yours

Dedicated time with your Natural Coach to take the nugget of learning and adapt the learning to work with your own unique natural style. People are more relaxed and confident in being themselves.

Do it!

We step out of our comfort zones and take action through a series of 60-90minute activity sessions. This involves high volumes of real calls to real prospects generating real results.

Natural LIVE! is an innovative, unique training format that follows a learn-then-do model. Highly hands-on, Natural LIVE! was tailored specifically to Softcat’s value creation in their relationship with Dell. Bite-size training pieces were combined with personal sales calls, using a number of new techniques that melded well with the team’s warm, personal style.

Targets included at least 3 new opportunities for each on the team of six sales people. By practicing and reacting to how the calls were progressing, new skills became part of their DNA, old habits were left behind, and new effective ones were created for a natural, down-to-earth performance that resonated with those contacted.

This was high-energy campaign focused on Dell messaging peppered with the right amount of product information. Every call was filtered through this targeted messaging, with 100% focus to the task. Having Dell’s vendor support personnel and Softcat’s sales team together encouraged their partnership and its potential.

The Result

We helped 16 EMC resellers with crafting the right messaging, and huge amounts of outbound activity, around BURA  (Back up, Recovery and Archive).​

£42m worth of additional pipeline was put into the reseller network which constituted measures such as meetings with tech specialists, WebEx confirmations, and fully costed BURA proposals.​

48 days of Natural Live! took place across a 2 year period, generating a 22:1 ROI, audited by the National Skills Council – who also awarded us a National Training award.

Natural Training partnered with us to provide our reseller network with the tools, techniques and most of all motivation to connect EMC resellers with phenomenal activity and opportunity, at a time when the economic conditions were not in our favour.

Charlotte Campbell, head of Sales Enablement

The results speak for themselves. The trainer was excellent – very focused with loads of energy. The training sessions have just enough “storage market background” and were packed with “customer facing” ideas.

Mark Maclean, UK Enterprise Solution Consultant

Natural Training kept on resetting the bar on what is possible in terms of outbound activity – just get them in to do the same for you.

Darren Hall, Head of Sales

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