What we have seen has been phenomenal, we’ve seen a change in behaviour and approach. Sales competence has improved, ability has improved and the end results have too. The opportunities now for year 2 are endless

Angela Purcell, Group Sales Capability Manager
Just Eat

The Challenge

A worldwide team of 250 field sales reps who are untrained and have an inconsistent approach to selling. They were great at talking about JUST EAT but weren’t linking their service to real business outcomes.

They wanted a programme that would:

1. Be simple, engaging and relevant, and match the vibrant and innovative culture of JUST EAT .

2. Be flexible enough to fit around a normal working day, yet structured enough to provide a clear development pathway.

3. Be rolled out on an international scale to their different countries and languages

4. Re-ignite the passion for JUST EAT, boost staff satisfaction and improve retention, whilst building a new breed of sales people and managers capable of leading JUST EAT to new levels of success.

5. Embed a consistent approach to selling that would improve sales performance, increase market share and ultimately drive more revenue toJUST EAT.

The Solution

A 12 month flipped learning programme involving bite-sized learning served to them out in the field through video, podcast and elearning with quarterly, high impact practical face to face training and live calling sessions (Natural Live!) to challenge and measure their performance.

The programme was split into “4 beliefs” and they sat at the heart of the JUST EAT difference. Each quarter centred around a different belief and gave the teams the knowledge and skills to bring them to life with every customer.

The Result

A transformed sales team who feel more engaged with their customers, switched on to their needs and skilled to meet today’s competitive market, achieving a record breaking sales year.

Brilliant session, my perception has changed – will now cold call more in the morning

Tufael Admed - Belief 1

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