Sales Blueprint

Mapping out a best practice sales process 

The Challenge

Branding experts Papirfly has an impressive client list of global corporations such as Unilever, Mars, Procter & Gamble, Rolls-Royce and BP.  It provides them with a unique brand marketing solution, giving their brand a global consistency.

Papirfly has offices in the UK, Norway and Denmark and because of a rapid growth phase sought an external pair of eyes to look over their end-to-end sales process and optimise it.  Papirfly engaged the services of sales specialist Natural Training.

The Solution

Papirfly’s Client Director Sara Naveda takes up the story:  “Our business is doing very well.  There wasn’t really a problem we were looking to address. It was just taking a sales sense check, getting an expert to review how we are doing things and see if there are any areas we can further build on and strengthen.

“It was also to determine if what we are doing is the optimum Papirfly way, and to get together a blueprint, a best practice ideology on how we sell.   Therefore, when we are recruiting and training our sales people we will be very clear on the way we generate leads, influence our prospects and how we manage that entire ‘cold to sold’ cycle.”

Papirfly is in a niche market with no competitors.  Consequently, the target audience may be unaware at first of the opportunities of using the company’s self-empowering marketing solutions.  Prospects are engaged through emails via LinkedIn, and from there they are shown a demo in which there is a call to action.  It was this process that Natural Training was tasked first with reviewing.

“It was about looking at the correspondence our pre-demo guy sends out and looking at the nature of the demo.  Are they being done in the best possible way?  What are we missing?  What more could we be doing?  And then a big piece after the demo is looking at whether there is anything more we can do to engage and maintain their interest.  Basically, are we being as strategic and as clever about our sales process as we could be?”

To help answer these questions and more, Natural Training sent one of its leading sales consultants and coaches.  He started by talking to Papirfly’s lead generation person, reviewing the emails he sent out and providing some recommendations on how to strengthen them.  Then he turned his attention to the demos.

Sarah continues: “We recorded some demos and the Natural Coach listened in and helped us with some milestones, not scripts, and having a clear flow.  That is, knowing the key things we want to get across and achieve and what we want to understand from the prospects, at the right time, without it being a ’tell’ session.”

In the Papirfly sales process, the next step after the demo is the sending of a business case document to prospects.  The Natural Coach also reviewed this, making some amendments and advising on how Papirfly can dedicate its energies to the best prospects.  This included email templates on getting to ‘no’ or ‘not now’ a lot quicker.

“For example, one of the new templates says:  You haven’t replied to my recent emails, so I am going to assume for one reason or another that now is not the right time to engage.  If however, I am mistaken please get in touch, otherwise I wish you all the best.”

“This approach is quite passive, but it does actually get some really good results.  People are getting back to us and saying they were busy and so on which is why they hadn’t replied.  And if they don’t reply you know it is a ‘no’.  So really, it is just about being a little bit smarter in how we manage our time, focus and energy.”

Are we being as strategic and as clever about our sales process as we could be?”

Sarah Naveda

The Result

Papirfly is thrilled with their new Blueprint and how much better everything is documented within its Hubspot customer relationship management system.  “We revised the whole way we managed our prospects in our Hubspot CRM, so we’ve got a greater visibility into every prospect, where they’re at and what we need to do next.  Every sales milestone is integrated into Hubspot, giving us a clear and consistent sales language.”

“The end result of this process is we now have a final ‘Sales Process Blueprint’ document which includes what is not only best-practice along the customer journey, but those unique ‘Papirfly moments’.  What does a great Papirfly first approach email look like?  What is the optimum Papirfly WebEx Demo meeting?  How do we talk and behave with customers to give us maximum chance of sales success?”

“The next step is to engage Natural to do some training and coaching for us, so everyone is living and breathing best practice in the Papirfly way.  From there, we will have everything buttoned down and can more effectively recruit and induct new sales staff, while giving our non-sales staff the chance to impact the sales process by being much more aware of the way we sell.”

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