Sales & Account Management

“I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Amy Gentles-McKie, Training Manager

The Challenge

Ve Interactive (now VE Global) is a multi-award-winning technology company offering a suite of apps on its VePlatform. These apps help online businesses successfully reduce bounce rates, increase customer engagement, minimise web abandonment and drive conversions.

Amy Gentles-McKie, Training Manager, reached out to Natural Training at a crucial time for Ve. They were setting aggressive targets for the next two years and needed a strategy to push their sales effort to the next level.

Their sales team was a mixture of recent university graduates without formal sales training and more experienced sales people. Ve Wanted new sales recruits to have a solid foundation of sales skills, but more importantly to ensure that Ve clients were receiving consistent messages that were on-brand and commercially driven.

The Solution

Something I’ve really looked into is how good are my client relationships? I’ve looked into the questions I need to be asking and getting to a stage where they trust me. I’ve been able to build relationships much better since then and there’s couple of clients now where I’ve got new apps ready to go as a result of doing this. They’re keen to go and they trust my advice.

Will Corke, Account Manager

Natural Training developed a series of bold 60-day development programmes in our proven successful format of learn-then-do workshops and sustained learning experiences. It was a hands-on, top-down approach starting with Account Management teams and following up with the Sales staff.

Focusing on each sales person’s innate, natural style of selling, Natural Training built a consistent and powerful “Ve Interactive” message and approach. The sales team developed new skills in the following areas:

– Understanding the psychology of buying and selling.
– Embedding solid sales structure in their own DNA.
– Playing to their strengths to construct a series of great questions to get straight to the heart of their clients’ challenges.
– Understanding the difference between features and benefits and matching those to their clients’ needs.
– Dealing with objections and moving clients to say yes!

Account Managers were encouraged to think more commercially about their accounts. Natural Training introduced new tools and techniques to help them use their own natural style to achieve the following:
– Create value by strategically thinking about each account and planning for success.
– Understand clients’ natural communication style and being comfortable enough in their skin to adapt their approach to engage clients successfully.
– Have commercially driven conversations to unearth natural opportunities to sell more of their services.
– Build closer, human relationships with their clients to differentiate themselves and move from a simple Account Manager to a “Trusted Advisor”.

The Result

The sales team and account managers excelled when encouraged to use their own natural, innate abilities to create a clear and consistent approach to selling and managing. Everyone was energised around this new, unified structure. Account managers absorbed the drive to think more commercially and be less transactional so that it became a natural instinct when talking to customers. The sales team realised their own simple and natural style of selling that allows them to live up to their potential.

The teams were left galvanised and up-skilled with a warm and personal Ve Interactive style to engage with their customers. They reported back with some outstanding feedback and success stories after the training.

60 employees received training

Each employee received:

  • 3 month programme
  • 9 trainer contact hours
  • 3 sustained learning videos
  • 2 insight articles
  • 1 socialising success newsletter
  • 1 personal action plan

Average feedback: 8.9/10

Working with Natural Training is like a breath of fresh air. They fully understand what it is you’re trying to achieve

Amy Gentles-McKie, Training Manager


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