I have had ISE Managers and ISRs approach me about how they can’t wait for their class in August because they’ve either been approached by other managers and employees talking about what a great event it was or they’ve just seen/felt the excitement on the floor around them.

Liz McCune, Sales Enablement

$2,110,000 of real prospective opportunity during the training!

The Challenge

Veeam is one of the fastest growing software companies in the world with a strong sales tradition. Because of this hyper growth and a changing client landscape, Veeam needed a new selling structure and format to maximise the thousands of leads they were receiving each month.

Another real need from the programme was to ensure teams were engaging the right people. They currently weren’t qualifying needs or pursuing the real opportunities based on their requirements. Messaging was often uninspiring and didn’t differentiate Veeam from other technology vendors who were most likely engaging the very same prospects. The technology industry has a lot of “message clutter” and white noise, so Veeam needed to identify a natural way to cut through all of that and stand out.

The Solution

Natural Training created Veeam 5, the world’s simplest 5 stage telesales programme. Veaam 5 focused on what matters to Veeam clients by getting to the heart of day-to-day issues in the most practical, hands-on way possible.

This bold, courageous transformation programme included face-to-face training events, live client calls and drilling down to the core skills needed to better engage with customers.

It featured 3 designated 25-minute zones: “Learn It”, “Make it Yours” and “Do It”. These were designed to let participants embed the new process as part of their own DNA. Full of high energy movement between these zones, the Veeam 5 programme was refreshing and energising.

“Train the Coach” and “Train the Trainer” sessions were also used to encourage new behaviours that were built into their sales efforts from the top down to drive success long after the training ended.

The key behaviours realised to drive success were being prepared and tenacious in getting through to the right clients, using their own innate creativity and passion to differentiate the Veeam offering, and making a real Veeam difference to customers.

The Result

$2.11m return on investment from 16 days of training

The Veeam 5 programme established a consistent, effective sales approach based on their own natural talents that have revolutionised the way they sell. The results were outstanding, The following results were measured during the training period alone:

And it wasn’t just the numbers that improved. Energy increased, the sales team has a new process that encourages the warm, natural behaviours they learned that lead to exceeding new business targets.

On top of everything, the team leaders and managers now have a full understanding of their own innate management and coaching style that effectively keeps these behaviours and skills sustained for the foreseeable future.

“The best received intervention I have ever observed.”

George Campbell, Director, Sales Acceleration

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