Clarins & Natural Training: The Ultimate Leadership Training Experience

In June 2013 Natural Training hosted a very special 2 Day Leadership Performance Event for 70 Clarins UK leaders at Wokefield Park in Reading. It was rated as one of the most successful events in Natural Training’s history, with a 92% overall event rating.


The brief was simple to say, but slightly more complex to solve: Clarins is asking more of the leadership group than ever in a challenging UK market. Yet trying to find the time to hit their financial targets, while also coaching, leading and inspiring their teams is a tall order for many leaders.

So, our brief was to help the group of 70 leaders – without giving them more work as “add-ons” for them to squeeze into their busy days. We also had to match the tone of the event with the same high energy of the group – plenty of variation, challenge, and lots of time built in for individual and team strategy formation.


The training design team at Natural Training, led by Matt Drought and Salli Glover, arrived at a solution that achieved the balance between theory and practice, energy and contemplation, socialising and getting down to business! The theme was BE THE CHANGE, which is from a popular quote that was inspired by Ghandi: “Be the change that you wish to see in others”. This ties in with the most popular leadership principle of all – to lead by example.

The launch of the two days was all about setting the business case for strong leadership, as Matt Drought took the group through their organisational life cycle, challenging them to keep innovating their approach to stay on top of the competition. The group of 70 then split into 4 and attended one of 4 separate workshops over two days:

Workshop 1: I lead with Vision – Salli took each group through a simple strategy to help lead teams with vision, determination and positivity.

Workshop 2: I’m the Change – Debs helped the groups understand the power of Emotional Intelligence and the role it has in today’s successful leader.

Workshop 3: I Serve Others – Mary introduced the concept of Servant Leadership and how the real role of the leader is to serve the greater cause.

Workshop 4: I Coach for Results – Greg helped the group understand the beautiful role of coaching; what it is, what it isn’t, and how it alone can be the sole driver behind happy, healthy teams.

Other highlights of the two days included outdoor activities in the magnificent surrounds of Wokefield Park (see photos below) to blow off some steam and to bond with other leaders at Clarins. The team also enjoyed structured strategy time called Open Space.


Here are some of the comments from Clarins delegates:

  • “Very different to any course I have ever attended- very relevant to my business and my life”.
  • “Fresh new ideas to make me buy into the much needed change for business and work balanced life.”
  • “Gained so much more knowledge then I possibly imagined- simply amazing! Coaches- simply inspiring!”
  • “I need to stop running at 100 miles an hour. Listen, look, create a new story. Everything I have learnt needs to be a way of life.”
  • “Each module was interesting, helpful, inspiring- putting it together as a whole, it was awesome.”
  • “All of the workshops, reviews & Introductions all applied to day to day life as a manager.

For more information on any of the above detail, or to chat with the training design team behind the event, simply email us at







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