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Is a sale logical or emotional?

Extensive research on the brain has concluded that we are equally driven by our logical and emotional sides.

Our creative (right) side needs nourishment, as does our logical (left) side.

When it comes to making a purchase, it is generally agreed that both sides tend to have a say.

First of all our left brain sorts out all the logical “tick box” requirements. For example, if you are buying a skiing holiday the left brain kicks in first:

  • When can we all get time off?
  • How do we get there and where do we stay?
  • Who’s coming?
  • Where is good value for money?
  • Have we all got equipment?, and so on.

Then once the tick boxes are in place, that’s when the excitement starts:

  • How are we going to feel swooshing down the slopes?
  • Remember the last time we went and Rob fell over…
  • I hope we meet lots of girls!
  • Can you imagine the drinking sessions?

You’re probably thinking that the two sets of thoughts aren’t usually that distinct.  You’re right – for most people the right brain can’t help but elbow its way into the logical list side.

In fact most of the time logic and emotion go hand in hand – although evidence suggests that logic precedes emotion, even if it’s only by nanoseconds.

For example: “We should stay at the King Lodge because it’s only 50 metres from the snow.  And did you see the bedrooms?  They look amazing – can you imagine kicking back in the spa bath?”

You know the feeling – a tick and then a rush of emotion.  Happens all the time when we’re buying stuff.

So what does all this mean when we are selling?

It’s simple, at least in theory: when you’re selling something, in order to keep the heat in the sale, you need to consciously appeal to both sides of the buyer’s brain.

So if you were selling the same ski trip:

“John you were wondering about chairlifts.  There are actually 26, more than the average French resort.  And one of these, the Magnum, has recently been voted as having one of the most breathtakingly beautiful views in Europe.”

Chairlifts?  Tick.

Excitement?  Tick.


Start using logic and emotion as a partnership whenever you communicate. It’s a clever way to sell as it will keep stoking those embers and driving you towards a close!

We use some of this stuff in our sales training. You should come along – give me a call to talk about it some more.

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