Congratulations A-Level Students

Well done to everyone who received their A-level results today! It’s an exciting time, as you see the results of your hard work (or not!).

No matter what your next step is, remember the following three really important life rules:

1.  In life, you get what you deserve.  IF you have worked hard and get great results, that’s what you deserve.  If not, that’s also exactly what you deserve.  Listen to Will Smith talk about the Universe.

2.  If school and further education isn’t what you had mind as your next journey, you will have to push yourself further than most.  Sometimes school subjects can seem like a complete waste of time – however you might not realise it, but even the stuff that doesn’t feel very relevant is actually really helpful. Play the game, and know that it is more helpful than you think.

3.  If you genuinely don’t see yourself in further education, then take solace in lists like these: The 15 Richest People Who Didn’t Graduate From College


Whatever you go for, we wish you all the best.

We’re here to help in as many ways as we can: your presentation skills, your ability to perform well in an interview , your confidence in selling yourself. Just give us a call on 0207 043 1582.

Best of Luck!


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