Creating a Winning Value Proposition: FREE WEBINAR TRAINING DOWNLOAD

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for attending my Webinar on Wednesday on how to create a winning value proposition.   It was really well received – here is what one of our clients Scott had to say:

“Myself and two team members who joined found the webinar really interesting & well executed…I have experienced conference call style sessions before & found I lost attention quickly, this was certainly NOT one of those occasions! “

– Scott, British Gypsum


Now this webinar is available for you!

There is so much work to do to create and articulate your value proposition, which is vital in today’s economy.

As value propositions are the backbone to every part of the sales process, we didn’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to learn about the five key elements that your value proposition should have, and how to use your value proposition to open doors within new sales opportunities. Therefore, I have attached a link below where you can access a recording of the webinar.


In the webinar I will share with you:

• The two key drivers for success in every winning sales proposition

• The key differentiators between an elevator pitch and a value proposition

• A simple method for creating a modern day winning value proposition

• How to use your value proposition to open doors with new sales opportunities – such as phone calls, meetings and emails

• And lots more!


You can access the recording by clicking HERE

As always, I welcome your feedback and am here to help if you want some assistance crafting your winning value proposition!

Happy selling!


Fiona x

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