The dawn of the Specialist Statement

I went to see a thyroid specialist the other day. His name is Rodney, and he is so talented that he was able to stick a big needle in my neck and take a sample of my thyroid without me flinching. Consider for a moment how talented you have to be to do that! (I’m fine, by the way…)

The point is, specialists are people with a passion, who live and breathe what they do. That sort of positive energy breeds trust. That is why you are probably more likely to buy from them. And when you do, you are more likely to buy from them at whatever price they want to charge you.

So, how do you become a specialist? According to Malcolm Gladwell, it’s 10,000 hours of practice.

10,000 hours is quite a number, isn’t it? While that’s nice to have, and you will get there one day by continually honing your craft, the good news is you can actually start to have an immediate, and dramatic, impact on your sales RIGHT NOW, by focusing your words into a SPECIALIST STATEMENT.

This statement will help earn the respect of the client early in your phone calls and meetings, demonstrating that you have the gravitas to succeed in today’s tough selling environment.


1) Understand the psychology behind it. Do you want to buy your stuff from “all under one roof” shops, or from someone who is passionate about the specialty they have? Isn’t there something wonderful about focused businesses, and focused people, like the outrageously successful Mike from

2) Design your Specialist Statement with the following 4 words: WE ARE SPECIALISTS IN…
Here are some examples (notice that we keep it pretty tight):

  • We are specialists in selling cars worth more than £100,000
  • We are specialists in training sales people to help them sell 90-120% more within a month.
  • We specialise in making gingerbread men for special ocassions or as gifts
  • We are specialists in helping you understand how to work the computer in front of you

3) Your Specialist Statement helps to solve a problem that you think, or know, they have.

4) A specialist statement doesn’t mean you have to try too hard to prove knowledge. Specialists have a quiet confidence, and they are quite often reasonably humble, saying things like: “John, I’m not going to pretend to know your issues, because I don’t right now. But I am really interested in you and your business. I am in your area at Curzon Street next Thursday, so could I grab a coffee with you and understand your challenges, see if I can add some value?”

The point is, a specialist statement might be just the thing to separate you from your competitors, while helping to elevate your status in the minds of your prospects. Try it and let me know whether it improves your results!

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