Developing a winning value proposition

Do you feel that your value proposition, sometimes called a Customer Value Proposition or CVP, is lacking a little?

Maybe it has become a bit “samey”, without any true differentiation, grit or wow factor.

If so, maybe you need to sit down with your team and spend an hour or so remodelling it, and another hour practicing it until it’s natural.

Why? Because a great value proposition can make the world of difference. The main advantage is that customers will have a neat story to tell their colleagues, starting with the words: “I like Shiny Digital because….” Simple, clear value propositions spread like wildfire. We know them, and we tell our friends about them.

Here’s a sample value proposition that I quite like:

“Shiny Digital is a specialist SEO company that helps customers within the financial industry to turn their websites into revenue generators, quickly.

In fact, we recently helped one of your competitors to increase their website conversion rate by 150%. In year one alone, for every euro they spent with us, they received 500 euros back.”

Here are the elemets that make it so good:

1. The target market is addressed
2. There is a strong benefit in there
3. There is an outcome
4. There are numbers – it is measured
5. It proves value, not just hints at it.

It’s quite common for us to spend part of our sales training sessions producing a number of value propositions with our delegates. By getting well versed on your beautiful point of difference, you will start getting the types of sales results you deserve!

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