The Eagle’s 22 things you shouldn’t do on the phone

Last week The Eagle Landed. That’s Mike Eagling, our new BDM. As part of our induction program, we ask our new people to analyse a range of mystery calls from when we call our competitors.

Here is a list of the stuff that Mike picked up – which are a useful reminder to us all!

1. Don’t put someone on hold for ages
2. Don’t interrupt!
3. Don’t assume anything (assumption is the mother of all mistakes!)
4. Don’t feel the need to fill silences
5. Know your product
6. Always agree next steps -for example an exact time and date to call back, diarise it and send an outlook appointment
7. Never say on the first two lines “How can I help you with your decision?”
8. Don’t repeat yourself!
9. Don’t sound like you’re reading off a screen even if you are
10. If a customer makes a comment or has a concern acknowledge it!
11. Don’t make statements for the sake of it. Back them up with evidence!
12. Don’t big up your company without a story to back it up!
13. Don’t give a guarantee on anything if you can’t.
14. Don’t mention other companies and case studies without giving examples
15. Don’t say “Do you get what I’m saying?”
16. Don’t offer to relate a case study if you haven’t studied it yourself!
17. Don’t discount on the first call (why discount on any call?) Highlight value instead.
18. Don’t forget to take contact details
19. Don’t ask “Do you have an email address?” Who doesn’t nowadays?!
20. Don’t offer to book an appointment immediately you will scare people off!
21. Don’t assume that customers understand acronyms even if they are obvious to you.
22. Don’t ask loads of questions in one question!

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