Enthusiasm Sells

Do you display enough enthusiasm?

I was consulting recently to a technology company and had one of those BIG dawning moments.

As I looked around the team (all blokes), watching them make calls with the aim of setting meetings, I realised that the difference between the top tier performers, the guys in the middle performance bracket and the least effective two salesmen was to do with one word: enthusiasm.

The most enthusiastic guys
The most passionate of the guys were describing the technology proposition with colourful, proud, descriptive language. The body language was alert and active. There was a twinkle in the eye, a spring in the step and a NATURAL energy in the voice. In short, the enthusiastic guys stood out a mile away.

And the least enthusiastic?
By contrast, the least enthusiastic all sat hunched over. They expected the worst, even before dialling. They spoke in hushed tones, so as not to be heard. They clearly feared being asked a question they couldn’t answer. Worst of all, this turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Clients fed off their lack of enthusiasm and responded poorly.

What do you do if you lack enthusiasm?
This is a tough one. You might have to make some hard decisions: here are a few questions to ask yourself:

a. How fresh am I?
If it’s been a big 12 months, maybe you are just a bit stale. Would I benefit from 2-3 weeks off to recapture the magic?

b. Am I in the right industry?
If you love fashion and you are selling space in a local newspaper then a career change might be the order of the day. (Fashion organisations need switched-on sales people too!).

c. Have I missed something great about our business?
It might be that no-one has explained to you what is wonderful about the business you are in right now.

Talk to Company Directors and your customers to understand what it is that makes your company so great. You might just be able to re-kindle a love affair with your own great business.

d. How about if I just started to ACT enthusiastic?

Acting with enthusiasm for a certain amount of time can be a great way of developing a more enthusiastic long term approach.

Once you see the way others respond to you, it will build up your confidence and your new found enthusiasm will become habitual.

There’s something great about a sales consultant with enthusiasm bursting from the seams. I think passion sells, and most importantly gets you through those darker days when things don’t seem to be going your way.

We always do an enthusiasm health-check at our training to ensure that individuals are not just feeling enthusiastic, but acting that way too. This doesn’t have to be over-the-top gushing histrionics – it can be more subtle than that.

For example, words that you use carry more than their weight in terms of value (I always imagine great words to be a bit like ants). The way you describe your products and services can lift your conversations to a wonderful new level.

Give me a call if you would like to discuss further how to gain a fresh shot of enthusiasm for you or your team!

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