Natural Training For Fast Growing Technology Companies

You are a fast growing UK technology company.  You have an amazing product, and your people deliver it to the market with enthusiasm and pride.

But what does it require to take it to the next level?

Natural Training has delivered training programme’s for a host of fast growth tech companies like Just Eat, Softcat, Veeam & Sophos.

With growth comes some challenges:

– Great technology doesn’t sell itself.  Great communicators sell great technology.  Your people need to have some basic, foundation sales skills in order to know the questions to ask, and the value they need to deliver.

– Fast growth means that you might be a ‘sudden collection of people’, rather than a unified tribe marching to the same commercial tune.

– You are a business, and business requires more than creativity and technical know-how.  You need to consult with customers on their business needs, and help them to achieve their aims.  Your technology enables that, but it doesn’t start that discussion with clients for you.

– You may have no recognised selling structure, or cycle, or pipeline management.  This may leave you vulnerable to everyone doing their own thing, which doesn’t give customers a satisfactory, consistent feeling that they are being managed.

– Your people may have had limited exposure to management and leadership positions, which can cause in-fighting, friction and resentment among colleagues.

Just Eat Testimonial

The team have learnt an incredible amount from an extremely well structured day and the results (43 new opportunities) speak for themselves!

Peter Gadd, EMEA Strategic Director
Dell EMC

How we can help:

Fast growth really is great – but it can lead to employee fatigue and incredible pressure on systems.  This can lead to a reduction in quality for your most important asset – your customers.  In our breakthrough training for fast growth tech companies, we help out in the following ways:

1. Sales Training

In high growth tech companies sales teams can be pulled in all sorts of directions.  We focus your sales teams on high revenue selling, and help your account management and client service teams to charge for time appropriately.  We also help tune your whole company into a more commercial focus.

2. Customer Service Training

Maintaining a high level of customer experience is essential during growth.  We help your customer service teams understand and encourage the winning values that your company was founded on, and how to ‘live the brand’.

3. Negotiation Training

Fast growth tech companies can face margin erosion by giving away free services and time, and by not having proper negotiation boundaries in place.  We help to reign in unnecessary discounting and develop robust negotiation strategies.

4. Account Management Training

When growing fast, it’s important for your tech company to protect your key clients, otherwise they may feel they are playing ‘second fiddle’ to clients who are being acquired daily.  We focus your account management teams on developing the right relationships with key accounts.

5. Presentation Skills Training

At fast growth tech companies, ideas abound.  This is great – however articulating your tech ideas into products and services that sell is the real name of the game.  We help your teams present naturally, and clearly, in their own style.

Canonical Testimonial


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